Who is Nadir Rustamli? Meet The Singer On The Eurovision 2022 Finals

Nadir Rustamli is a singer representing Azerbaijan at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. 

After Nadir placed second in the International Youth Vision competition in 2018, his friends played a joke on him and applied for The Voice of Azerbaijan 2021 on his behalf. Nadir, never one to turn down a challenge, accepted it.

Although Eurovision was not on his mind during his time on The Voice of Azerbaijan, fate had other plans. Eldar Gasimov, the Eurovision 2011 winner, mentored him on the show.

Rustamli won the show earlier this year in January by a landslide with a televote percentage of 42.6%.

On the 16th of February 2022, he was informed live on television that he would be representing Azerbaijan at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Who is Nadir Rustamli? 

Nadir Rashid oghlu Rustamli is a 22-year-old Azerbaijani singer who was chosen to represent Azerbaijan at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022.

Nadir is a seasoned competitor and a lifelong musician with a childhood dream of representing Azerbaijan at Eurovision.

With music running through their veins, Nadir gathered a group consisting of other young talented musicians to form Sunrise Music Band, a pop-jazz quartet, in 2018. Many of the members were former students of legendary vocal coach Nailə Mirməmmədli. 

Sunrise Music Band was named Favorite Music Group of the Year at the Brand of Azerbaijan Awards in March, just months after its debut. Nadir didn't stay idle for long after the band disbanded in 2019.

Nadir took part in and won a number of domestic music competitions while attending university. He took to stage in the Ministry of Youth and Sports' annual 'Student Spring' festival in both 2017 and 2019.

Origin And Ethnicity Of The Singer Nadir Rustamli

Nadir Rustamli, whose origin can be traced back to the coastal town of Salyan, shot to fame in Azerbaijan after winning the local version of The Voice, Səs Azərbaycan.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact ethnicity of the singer as Azerbaijan has over 15 ethnic groups, which account for 8.4% of the population.

Azerbaijanis are of mixed ethnic origins which include not only the eastern Transcaucasia's indigenous peoples, the Medians, an ancient Iranian people, but also the Oghuz Turkic tribes, who began migrating to Azerbaijan in the 11th century AD.

What Is The Family Background Of Nadir Rustamli?

Nadir Rustamli was born on July 8, 1999, to a talented musical family. His father works as a neurologist, and his mother teaches linguistics.

Rustamli and his two siblings grew up taking music lessons at the local academy, where his father played the guitar and his mother played the piano.

Nadir in particular excelled at the training, studying piano and guitar and even going on to receive private vocal lessons from Nailə Mirməmmədli, a renowned Azerbaijani composer.

Nadir Rustamli Net Worth Details Disclosed 

Multiple sources have determined the net worth of the Azerbaijani singer Nadir Rustamli to be around $250K. However, the number might be slightly off from its exact value. 

The singer himself has not declared any jobs or sources from which he might be bringing in money home. 

As a young boy who had yet to hit puberty, Nadir studied piano at the Gulu Asgarov Music School in his hometown. Rustamli pursued a bachelor's degree in business administration from the Azerbaijan University of Tourism and Management and received his degree in 2021.