Who Is Orylan1999 On TikTok? Model's Age and Instagram Bio

Orylan 1999 ( Source : Mixedarticle )

The renowned stripper, and social media influencer, Orylan 1999 is famous all over the digital platforms for her out-of-the-box features!

Her unique body full of tattoos and piercings makes her stand out of crowd and turns everyone's head towards her. The tattooed influencer is also famous on TikTok but not always for a positive reaction. Read more to find out.

Orylan 1999 On TikTok: Reddit Bio, Age, And Real Name

Born in April 1999, Orylan is a 23-year-old social media star whose real name is Orylan Smith. 1999 on her Tiktok and Instagram handle is her year of birth. 

She was born in Victoria, Texas where she completed her high school education. Orylan later shifted to Houston and lives there with her father. Orylan joined nursing as her father wanted her to but later dropped out of college with no interest in that field.

Now, why is she famous? The girl reportedly spent a whole lot of money on body modifications, piercings, covering her face with tattoos, and enlarging her breasts.

A few months ago in February, Orylan came to the limelight as she gave an interview on the Soft White Underbelly Youtube channel, explaining why she went through all these changes.

Orylan Smith's before and after photos
Orylan Smith's before and after photos ( Source : Nypost )

As per her Reddit account, the social media influencer has updated her bio reading "Cute Black Eyed Tattooed Doll. Top 1% on OnlyFans & I message back." Orylan's Reddit account requires an 18+ verification, where often posts her steaming hot pictures.

According to Orylan, she always wanted to look different and this is what she had in her mind. She had always dreamt of changing radically for which she spent several years and money to look like this. However, not everyone likes her for what she has become.

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Orylan 1999 Wikipedia And Boyfriend

Orylan is not just on TikTok and Instagram, but she also has an account on Onlyfans where Orylan shares her explicit pictures and videos.

Talking about her Tiktok, she has over 690,000 followers there and on Instagram, 87.2K people follow her. Orylan without a question earns big money from all these mentioned platforms, but the world was kinder to her before.

Due to her uncommon appearance, she was also given the epithet of 'devil" and so many times she had found people getting scared of her that she had to run. Moreover, a friend of hers also thought she looked way more beautiful before all these body alterations.

Currently, she is single but had stayed in a relationship with a guy for three years. According to her, she faced a toxic relationship as her boyfriend used to abuse her physically and mentally.

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