Who Is Pastor Keion Henderson? Everything To Know About The Pastor

The Lighthouse Chuch Pastor Keion Henderson is the ex-husband of Felicia Henderson.

Pastor Keion Henderson got the happiness he deserves after getting engaged to his girlfriend, Shaunie O'Neal. The TV personality could not stop raving about her new lover and the rock on her finger.

He is one of the top messengers of the country and shares his thoughts through various mediums like songs and fashion.

Pastor | Keion Henderson Age and Wikipedia- Who Is He?

Pastor Keion Henderson was born on 6th July 1981, making him 40 years old. Growing up in Indiana, his family was religious.

After completing his secondary education, he enrolled in Purdue University and got a bachelor's in Arts. Later, he also got a master's of Theology from the Faith Evangelical College and Seminary.

The impeccable style of God's server is quite apparent from his pictures. He likes to have a wardrobe change around him, calling life unpredictable.

Does Keion Henderson Have A Ex-Wife Or Kids- Who Are They?

Keion Henderson was married to his wife, Felicia Henderson. Disaster struck the happy couple when they decided to part way around 2019.

He called her his timeless treasure on the occasion of her birthday, indicating things were going well.

Besides, the pair had a phenomenal professional relationship as they worked together in Sugarland Campus and Lighthouse Church. He had expressed his desires about operating with his then spouse in numerous interviews.

The African-American prophet went on TV shows to share his grievances, but he filled the divorce papers.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Keion Henderson- Earnings Explored

As of 2022, the net worth of Keion Henderson is still under review, but we estimate it to be in the millions. His primary source of income is through donations for the Light Church. He has served as his senior pastor since 2009 and has done a great job in spreading the Lord's message. 

Previously, he served the New Horizon Baptist Church.

His LinkedIn suggests that he used to work in Tax solutions as a CEO before he renounced it all to join the Lord's Journey.

Little known to most, he recently came out with his life story through a book called The Shift.

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Is Keion Henderson On Instagram?

Keion Henderson is available on Instagram with the account handle pastorkeion. Here, the page has a staggering following of 583k people.

The prophet is quite busy with his endeavors as he serves as the senior pastor of a megachurch.

You can often find him on stage, sharing his preachings to the world.