Who Was Mona Hammond Husband Michael Saunders? Death Cause And Illness Explained

Late Mona Hammond attending an event

Mona Hammond's former husband was Michael Saunders. Do they have any children together?

According to the surfacing news, legendary actress, Mona Hammond, has passed away. She reportedly died on July 4, 2022, at the old age of 91 years old.

As much as her successful career is well-known among the public, she was a reserved person in real life. From being Blasian to winning the highest movie honour in the UK- Hammond lived an interesting life.

Who Was Mona Hammond's Husband Michael Saunders?

Mona Hammond, born Mavin Chin, was an actress who portrayed Blossom Jackson in Eastenders from 1986-2010. In fact, she appeared in 169 episodes of the hit TV series. 

Despite her fame, however, Mona was pretty secretive when it came to her personal life. She became further reserved after her divorce from her ex-husband. 

Michael Saunders was Mona Hammond's husband and spouse. The two got married in 1965 after dating for a while. Mona had barely started her acting career at that time. 

Saunders and Hammond lived a pretty happy life for some years. However, cracks began to appear in the relationship as the two finally got divroced in 1987. They were together for nearly 22 years. 

After his separation from Mona, Michael vanished from the spotlight. On the other hand, Hammond became immersed in her career giving us hit projects like Making Out (1989-1991), Us Girls (1992-1993), Desmond's (1989-1994)  and many more. 

Mona Hammond as Aunty Susu in Desmond's
Mona Hammond as Aunty Susu in Desmond's( Source : Imdb )

Mona Hammond Family And Children

Michael and Mona Hammond have a child named Matthew Paul Saunders together.

Born in 1971, Matthew is 51 years old as of 2022. He was very close to his mother but prefers to stay away from the public eye. Likewise, he has not spoken about his mom's departure yet.

Besides her family in the UK, Mona also has roots in Jamaica and China. Apparently, the late actress was born to a Chinese father and a Jamaican dad on Jan 1, 1931. She was born and raised in Jamaica until she decided to move to the UK.

In 1959, Mona moved to the UK on scholarship in order to work with an architect. However, she soon ditched her architecture career and started to work in black theatre productions. 

Eventually, she settled in the country and launched her Talawa Theatre Company in 1986. The company helps black and carribean communities within Britain with movie-making prospects.

Loss of Legend: Mona Hammond's Death Cause And Illness Explained

Mona Hammond's death cause is not disclosed yet.

There are no reports that Mona Hammond was suffering from any illness or was involved in an accident. Considering her old age, Mona might have passed away due to natural reasons.

However, we cannot be sure of anything prior to official reports. Similarly, her family members are also grieving her demise. 

Fans and celebrities have flooded various social media paying tribute to the late actress. She was truly a star and winner of the UK's highest Screen Nation Film and Television prize- the Edric Connor Inspiration Award. 

We express our deepest sympathy to Mona Hammond's friends and family. She will continue to live in our memories via her work. Thank You.