UFC: Why Is Michael Buffer Not Announcing? Did He Retire?

Michael Buffer announcing a boxing match
Michael Buffer announcing a boxing match( Source : washingtonpost )

Michael Buffer is not announcing in wrestling due to his deal with WCW. Therefore, he stopped doing so for the UFC.

American ring announcer and sports host Michael Buffer works in the boxing and professional wrestling industries, and his Let's get ready to rumble! It is his patented catchphrase, for which he is well-known.

Buffer debuts a distinctive announcing method in which he rolls some fighter names' letters and adds other conjugations. His half-brother Bruce Buffer also works as a UFC announcer.

He joined the American Army at 20 and served until he was 23 during the Vietnam War. He worked in a variety of professions, including selling cars. At age 32, he started a modeling career. At age 38, he started working as a ring announcer.

NameMichael Buffer
SpouseChristine Buffer
Father:Joseph Buffer
Siblings:Bruce Buffer
Children:Matthew, Michael

Why Is Michael Buffer Not Announcing?

However, Buffer has never served as HBO's official ring announcer. He performed independent work for promoters whose fights were shown on the network but could not make announcements due to DAZN's exclusivity.

The renowned emcee has now inked an exclusive contract with a broadcasting platform, the recently formed streaming service, DAZN. That indicates that his time on HBO is over.

Michael Buffer after announcing a boxing match
Michael Buffer after announcing a boxing match ( Source : otakukart )

Due to this new contract, the 73-year-old ring announcer who was inducted into boxing's Hall of Fame in 2012 would be traveling more. Several fights promoted by Matchroom Boxing, a significant UK promoter, will be shown on DAZN.

One of Buffer's career highlights was calling the Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko heavyweight championship match in front of a 90,000-person audience at London's Wembley Stadium in 2017.

Did Michael Buffer Retire?

Michael Buffer acknowledged last year that he is approaching retirement and may sell his catchphrase. Let's get ready to rumble is a trademark that Buffer obtained in 1992. As a result, the seasoned broadcaster is considering selling it so he may retire.

Since we have already noticed that he won't appear as an announcer very much in the coming days, he may have already retired. Buffer hasn't yet disclosed his post-retirement plans or given the media an official explanation for his absence.

 Michael Buffer during press conference event
Michael Buffer during press conference event ( Source : otakukart )

Michael Buffer, a seasoned fight caller, acknowledged in May last year that he was getting close to retiring. He might even try to market his catchphrase.

Buffer said, according to TMZ Sports, "it's only a maybe." He is considering selling the slogan, but he hasn't decided yet. The ring announcer acknowledged that his retirement days were drawing to a close.

Where Is Michael Buffer Now?

Michael doesn't seem overly enthusiastic now and seems focused on his day-to-day tasks. Additionally, he has continued to work in the field due to his passion for the work he has been doing for a long time.

Buffer presently resides in Southern California. His half-brother Bruce Buffer, who serves as the announcer for the prestigious mixed martial arts league Ultimate Fighting Championship

He has been making fight announcements since 1982. His half-brother Bruce Buffer is an accomplished fight announcer in his own right. Bruce Buffer is an experienced ring announcer for the UFC.

 Michael Buffer and Bruce Buffer photographed for magazine
Michael Buffer and Bruce Buffer photographed for magazine ( Source : espn )

Buffer was the only ring announcer for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) main events featuring Hulk Hogan or other well-known WCW performers until the company's dissolution in 2001.

Time Warner, the previous owner of WCW, owned HBO through their pay-per-view subscription subsidiary, which aired numerous matches from promoter Top Rank, whose principal ring commentator is Buffer.

How Rich Is Michael Buffer?

American boxing announcer and businessman Michael Buffer have a $400 million fortune. He is one of the finest ring announcers in boxing and wrestling history, if not the best.

Depending on the game, the buffer receives between $25,000 and $100,000 each time he says those five well-known terms. Buffer has received $1 million in payment on a few unusual instances.

Michael Buffer  announcing in a UFC event
Michael Buffer announcing in a UFC event ( Source : caknowledge )

When Michael Buffer coined the term "Let's Get Ready to Rumble," which he used to open most major boxing matches, he rose to international fame. Michael did a brilliant thing by trademarking his catchphrase, as we will explain further in this post. Over the years, royalties from that trademark have paid Michael hundreds of millions.

Several talk programs hosted by David Letterman, Jay Leno, Arsenio Hall, Conan O'Brien, and Jimmy Kimmel have had Buffer as a guest. Additionally, he has appeared as a guest star on the Howard Stern Show, In Living Color, Mad TV, and Saturday Night Live.

More About His Trademark and Video Game Earning

The future UFC commentator Bruce Buffer, Michael's long-lost half-brother, proposed that he register his catchphrase "Let's get ready to rumble!" as a trademark.

After learning that NBA coach Pat Riley had made a tidy sum of money by trademarking the term "threepeat," Bruce had the notion. Every time someone wants to use the phrase, they must pay Michael because he owns the trademark.

 Michael Buffer character in a video game
Michael Buffer character in a video game ( Source : tvtropes )

Michael has permitted the phrase to be used since 1992 in songs, video games, movies, TV series, and many other products.

"Ready to Rumble" was one of the most well-known video game licenses. Game developer Midway reportedly paid Buffer $100 million to license his slogan for all time when the game became a tremendous hit.

Learn About Michael Buffer Family

Buffer married at age 21, but the couple separated after seven years. Michael and Matthew, two sons of the union, were born. He didn't get married again until 1999, and he got divorced from his second wife in 2003.

Buffer proposed to Christine, his third wife while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The couple is still wed. Southern California is where Christine and Michael Buffer call home.

Michael Buffer with his brother and wife
Michael Buffer with his brother and wife ( Source : thesun )

The 32-year age difference between the two spouses hasn't stopped them from being in a long-term relationship. On September 13th, 2007, the ring announcer proposed to the woman while they were watching The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on national television.

Their small wedding, which took place the following year, was limited to their immediate families and a few close friends. The Southern California-based married pair have been together since their relationship became public knowledge.

Michael Buffer's Journey Of Beating Throat Cancer

Michael Buffer underwent surgery to remove malignant tumors from his throat and neck, and then he recovered in his Los Angeles home.

According to Buffer, the cancer was found in a very early stage in mid-February, and three weeks ago, he underwent surgery with one of the best doctors in the business. He is doing well, and he is getting stronger every day. Early discovery stopped any spread that might have endangered my ability to speak.

Michael Buffer became an MC back in 1982 after admitting he had flopped at some other job
Michael Buffer became an MC back in 1982 after admitting he had flopped at some other job ( Source : thesun )

Buffer has been regarded as the top ring announcer in boxing for more than 25 years. He frequently travels to Europe and Asia for bout telecasts and is a mainstay of HBO boxing.

Over the years, many boxers have admitted that hearing their name exclaimed by the 73-year-old switches them into fight mode instantly.

Michael's Journey To Stardom

Before becoming an MC, Buffer worked as a car salesperson, army sergeant, and model. His ascent to the top has not been easy.

He used to sell cars before he started boxing, but I was terrible at it and had to find another way to support myself," he claimed.

His iconic catchphrase has seen Michael Buffer drafted into a host of other sports
His iconic catchphrase has seen Michael Buffer drafted into a host of other sports ( Source : thesun )

The rest of history began when his kid suggested that he could surpass a ring announcer they were watching on television. He started the position for which he is now well-known in 1982, working first in wrestling for the now-defunct WCW company before moving on to Bob Arum's boxing on ESPN.

For quite a while, he was a model, and then, aged 38, I started as a ring announcer - but at the beginning, if you said I was horrible at that as well, it would have been a compliment, he said.

Boxing Announcer Michael Buffer Biography

In 1982, he started as a ring announcer, and by 1983, he was calling every boxing contest on ESPN. He now enjoys enormous fame and wealth thanks to it.

Buffer served as the sole ring commentator for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) main events starring Hulk Hogan and other superstars until 2001. Even though the WCW no longer exists, Buffer continues to announce the pay-per-view matches for their former parent company Time Warner.

Michael Buffer during his trademark announcement.
Michael Buffer during his trademark announcement. ( Source : triplem )

Numerous matches from Top Rank's promoter are shown on HBO. Before WCW's demise, his exclusive deal prohibited him from commentating for the UFC, but when it folded, he was free to do so in other wrestling promotions.

In a boxing battle between Evander Holyfield and Matt Hardy on Saturday Night's Main Event XXXV in 2007 at Madison Square Garden, Buffer made a legendary announcement. He served as the announcer for a YouTube boxing battle between KSI and Logan Paul on August 25, 2018.

Some FAQs

Why Is Michael Buffer Not Announcing?

The exclusivity of his contract with WCW prevented Buffer from announcing for other wrestling-type organizations, forcing him to stop announcing for the UFC

Did Michael Buffer Retire?

Buffer has been the ring announcer for DAZN fights since 2018, and has previously had deals with HBO and NBC Sports Network and has retired from TV apperances

What Is Michael Buffer Net Worth?

Michael Buffer is an American boxing announcer and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $400 million. Michael Buffer is best known for being one of, if not the, greatest ring announcer for boxing and wrestling matches of all time.