Where Is Monica Fairview Murderer Today? 'Wives With Knives' Rob Kramer Stabbing

Monica Fairview During A Interview

Monica Fairview, a gorgeous sugar daddy addict, was involved in a stabbing incident with Rob Kramer in Atlanta, Georgia,. The story is featured in Investigation Discovery's 'Wives With Knives: Can't Buy Me Love.'

David Frank of Indigo Films is the creator of the American documentary television program Wives with Knives, which airs on Investigation Discovery. It highlights the stories of numerous women who hurt their partners by committing crimes.

The program details the events leading up to the attack and how Rob Kramer's ex-wife, Monica Fairview, instigated it.

To maintain her lifestyle of luxury, Monica meets guys like Rob. But the couple gets into a physical argument that culminates with Monica stabbing Rob in the back because of Rob's need for ultimate control and Monica's tendency for drama.

Where Is Monica Fairview Murderer Today? Rob Kramer Stabbing On' Wives With Knives

Currently residing in Decatur, Texas, Monica Fairview appears to be a real estate broker. A jury found Monica guilty of serious assault, and in March 2013, she got sentenced to eight years in jail. Monica was later released from custody.

The program asserts that Rob made another attempt at reconciliation with Monica after being released from the hospital. Things didn't last long, though; he later lied on oath to support her. 

Although it doesn't appear that Rob now has worked, it does appear that he lives in Frisco, Texas. Monica Fairview was already divorced and fighting for custody of her child when she first met Rob.

They got along splendidly and got married as a consequence in December 1998. A little more than a year later, the couple had their daughter.

Later, Monica filed for divorce from Rob and began dating again. On one of Monica's getaways in July 2009, Rob once showed up. By 2011, Monica had remarried and was spending a short time with Rob in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Monica Fairview Atlanta Dateline

On September 24, 2011, Monica Fairview accompanied her brother to a concert. The fact that Monica would be taking their kid was well known to Rob. When he returned home later, he was unhappy that Monica had left their daughter at home.

Then Rob sent her an SMS to let her know that he was kicking her out of the house. On September 25, 2011, it occurred somewhere in the wee hours.

The daughter, who was eleven years old at the time, claimed that an enraged Monica arrived home and swore to "stab him if I had to" before escaping the house while flashing a knife in her waistband.

She stopped the action in the courtyard for a moment, then stabbed him once with a hunting knife. Witnesses had already called 911 at that point. Rob was thankfully saved after being transported promptly to the hospital.

Monica Fairview Husband & Family Details

Monica Fairview's ex-husband's name was Rob Kramer. There is not much information about Monica's family on the internet. She has a daughter together with Rob.

According to eyewitness accounts, Rob had some blood on him when Monica punched him in the head. Rob was thankfully saved after being transported promptly to the hospital.

As for Monica, she was detained while out on a stroll with her toddler in tow. Additionally, She had videotaped the entire assault, which eventually harmed her legal position. Witnesses said that throughout the confrontation, Rob avoided physical conflict.