Who Is Yolanda Sultana? Wikipedia Bio Edad And Husband Of The Mentalist

Astrologer Yolanda Sultan
Astrologer Yolanda Sultan

Yolanda Sultana is a mentalist who, as per Wikipedia, is famously known as Aunt Yoli, whose regular clients are big celebrities from Chile.

Yolanda is an astrologer who has predicted the future of individuals and nations. Many famous people visit Yolanda regularly.

In recent hours, Sultana, commonly known as Aunt Yoli, a mentalist, gave a message to President Gabriel Boric, sending a troubling omen.

Every part of the country knows and loves her. She could foretell since my youth and has utilized it to assist men and women worldwide.

The mentalist claims she owes the people, which is why they have confidence and trust in her. "

Yolanda Sultana Wikipedia Bio

According to Wikipedia, Yolanda Sultana, the comments of the mentalist Sultana, who made a forecast through her Facebook page that did not go undetected and created alarm among her followers, produced a huge uproar.

In that setting, the well-known "Aunt Yoli" remembered what happened with Covid before warning about what may happen next. According to the astrologer, there will also be food shortages and gas troubles.

The renowned mentalist also conveyed a strong message to the inhabitants of the country's south, inviting them to take care of themselves.

Yolanda Has Launched Apocalytic Alert In 2022
Yolanda Has Launched Apocalytic Alert In 2022( Source : elperiscopio )

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Age Of Yolanda Sultana: How Old Is She?

The age of Yolanda Sultana is about 83 years old. 

Sultana is her given name. Her parents, Elias Halabi and Mara Riadi, christened her in this manner: Sultana was born in Jerusalem, and she was in Bethlehem. Her ancestors are from the Holy Land; she is a proud lady who is part of the Chilean psyche and whose name has long passed their borders.

Her superb bearing and dark eyes, dressed in royal blue, are coupled with an appealing sweetness in treatment and limitless compassion. "

Yolanda Sultan Watching Horoscope
Yolanda Sultan Watching Horoscope( Source : sonarfm )

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Does Yolanda Sultana Have A Husband?

Yolanda Sultans' husband's name is Abdon Oyarzun. Halabi, a well-known tarotist and astrologer, announced the death of her spouse of more than 35 years, Abdón Oyarzn, a sports writer and communicator.

"Aunt Yoli" reported her untimely death on her Instagram account. She mentioned that sooner or later, they would meet again and be together. 

As per Yolanda's daughter, Mara Soledad Duran, Oyarzn spent several days in a depressed bed but showed no signs of distress. He was subsequently sent to the Fach Hospital, where he passed away.

Twitter Details Of Yolanda Sultana

You can follow Yolanda Sultana on Twitter under the username of @yolandasultanah.

Sultana is very famous on Twitter and has around 110k followers as of now. Yolanda is active on Twitter.

Through her Twitter, she sent a heartfelt congratulations to the Chilean Investigative Police @PDI_CHILE, who are celebrating 89 years of public service for every citizen of Chile.

In her Twitter bio, she has mentioned that she is a mentalist, counselor, and astrologer. Yolanda has also provided her number through her account.