What Happened To Zoya Hashmi? Facts On The Viral TikTok Star

Zoya Hashmi

Zoya Hashmi is a well-known TikTok celebrity with millions of followers on her social media account. In addition, a viral video recently went viral on social media.

A prominent TikTok celebrity made a video that went viral that shows her being harassed and subjected to force. Zoya is one of Pakistan's most well-known TikTok stars and social media impacts.

She has a large following, and once the video went popular on social media, many people shared it widely on various social media sites. However, according to Hashmi's Leaked Video, the famous TikTok celebrity appears to have been implicated by three individuals.

What Happened To Zoya Hashmi?

According to the popular video, Zoya Hashmi is attempting to eliminate the males harassing him. However, it is unclear who posted this footage on social media and where it occurred.


However, based on the footage, it appears that she is both at the hotel and elsewhere. Unfortunately, the newspapers and media in Pakistan have not covered this video and have not yet pursued further legal action.

Many YouTube creators cover this issue, and some of them are speaking up. So, stay up to date with us. If any new information becomes available, we will update this post. So, please keep checking back with us for more news and updates.

Zoya Hashmi Viral TikTok Video And Wikipedia

Zoya Hashmi is a well-known Instagram celebrity and TikTok star who does not have a Wikipedia age yet.

There, in a matter of days, she amassed a sizable following. She is a well-known Pakistani celebrity with more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram. She completes her undergraduate degree at a university in Pakistan.

There are not many details about her birthdate, but she is said to be 25 years old. We clearly;y know she was from Pakistan, so she holds Pakistani nationality. 

Learn About Zoya Hashmi's Boyfriend

To date, the details and the name of this famous tiktoker, Zoya Hashmi, are not publicized. 

She has never talked about her personal life on her social media account. So we assume she may not have any romantic relationship with anyone.


But seeing the leaked video of this social media star, people are saying that she might have some connection with the person seen in the video, whom she refers to as Hamza. 

Zoya Hashmi Instagram And Twitter

Coming to her social media account, she goes by the username @zoiii_hashmiii12 on Instagram.

However, we could not find her Twitter account, but many tweets are related to her on that platform. Zoya has 540k followers on her Instagram with 591 posts.

She has posted various pictures and videos of her and other things like nature; they seem to be loved and adored by her fans.