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What Is Christen Whitman Drama About On Reddit? Web Star Boyfriend Rocky Yarbrough And Career Earnings

Christen Whitman is a Tiktok celeb and content creator

It is a big deal for a social media celebrity to have a bio page dedicated to Famous Birthday websites; Tiktok star Christen Whitman has that privilege.

However, not a single day passes without her controversies; as a result, she gets suspended from Tiktok very often. Due to being banned, she creates a new account every other week. She frequently posts tea about her ex-boyfriend and her ex-friends on social media.

Whitman is always surrounded by drama, and people on Reddit are not a big fan of her, nor do they find any of her content on Tiktok or other social media inviting enough or any better.

What Is Christen Whitman's Drama About On Reddit? 

Whitman has gathered a lot of drama, which behaves strangely in her favor and occasionally doesn't, along with her popularity and renown. Reddit uses do not fit quite well with her methods, and they often criticize her for her "rude" behavior.

There are memes and trolls available abundantly on Reddit encircling Christen Whitman. They believe she is a fraud and a bully after she behaves rudely with one of her fans on Tiktok live. 


For posting unconventional and delicate stuff on the sites, Whitman is frequently suspended from Tik Tok. Her weekly regimen includes opening new accounts as a result. Through her ex-boyfriend or pals, Christen constantly brings turmoil into her life.

A Reddit user posted a video on the r/tiktokgossip community about her with the title, "Christen Whitman having s3x on TikTok live??" Check out the post's comment section to see what Reddit has to say about her. 

Some described her as "the worst creator," "rude," and "racist," whereas some find her adoring. RemoteFocus7605 wrote, "I do like her, but I think she needs to stop talking so badly about Rocky's ex and hold him accountable, not her."

Did Christen Whitman Break Up With Her Boyfriend?

Netizens are arguing over her relationship and how her boyfriend left her, but the Reddit family disagrees with this. They believe Christen cheated on her ex-boyfriend, not the other way round.

It appears that she had a romantic relationship with her ex-boyfriend Konnor. Their admirers saw them as a powerful couple because, like Christen, her ex-boyfriend had hundreds of thousands of followers.


In recent times, Whitman is rumored to have been in a relationship with Rocky Yarbrough. Parallel to her, he is also a social media celebrity, Instagram model, influencer, and Tiktok star. 

Since Whitman and Konnar Jung's breakup, the two have been dating. On Tiktok, Rocky and Christen's followers frequently mention one another. even coming up with unique hashtags for couples. Rocky just posted a photo of himself and Christen taken at Panama City Beach, Florida. 

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TikTok Star Christen Whitman's Net Worth in 2022

The social media star and content creator Christen Whitman has a net worth of $100,000 approximately. 

Do people earn enough from Tiktok? It is a common question of all Tiktok users who are curious to learn how famous Tiktokers make money through the platform. 

Based on statistics presented by Data Prot, a Tiktoker earning gauge is $50,000-150,000 annually. Aside from Tiktok, Whitman is also rumored to have an OnlyFans account, which is another of her income source.

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