Khary Payton Parents Victor Payton And Gwendolyn Middleton Payton Raised Him With His Other Siblings

Khary Payton parents are Victor Payton And Gwendolyn Middleton Payton. Kharya was raised in Augusta along with her other siblings.

The American actor is better known for his role as King Ezekiel in the famous series. Similarly, he is also a voice actor and worked with the DC media. 

He has also worked as a voice actor for Cyborg’s character in Teen Titans. Other than that, he also voiced for Wasabi in Big Heros Six.

Khary Was Raised In Augusta

Khary Payton parents Dr. Victor E. Payton and Gwendolyn M Payton raised him with great care. Khary father and mother met during their university.

Khary’s father is a doctor, and his mother is an artist. Both of the father and mother did a wonderful job in raising him and were always supportive of their children. 

The couple met each other at 

Victor Passed Away In 2021

Khary’s father, Fr. Victor E. Payton sadly passed away on September 25, 2021, at 75. He passed away at his home in Georgia and was surrounded by his family and loved ones. 

Victor was born in June 1948 in Savanna, Georgia, to his late father and mother Lois Smith Payton Russell and Reverend Hezekiah R. Payton.

He attended Saint Pius 10 High School and was listed as a salutatorian in 1967. Similarly, he was also an Eagle Scout at just 15. 

The photo above is from Gwendolyn and Victor's 25 year anniversary
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After graduating high school, he went to Mercer University and majored in Chemistry. He graduated from Mercer in 1971 and went to medical school at the Medical College of Georgia where his prime focus was on Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine in 1975.

After medical school, Victor did his residency from Tripler Army Med Ctr, Pediatrics before he got enlisted in the US Army. He was also a captain in the army and was awarded the Medal of Commendation while serving in the General Medical field for 3 years. 

Dr. Victor is board certified in Pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics. After working for several years in Emergency Medicine, he and his spouse decided to settle in Athens, Georgia and started working as an ER Physician there. 

At the same time, he was also working as a Medical Director at Rivers Crossing, a place that provided special treatment to needy children. 

In 1982, Dr. Payton became the first African American pediatrist in Athens to have his private clinic. 

Throughout the 40  years of his career, he worked in private and public hospitals. In Athens, he was the president of BrightPaths of Athens, a non-profit organization that provided support to needy families. 

In the summer of 2019, Dr. Payton joined the Reddy Medical Group in Georgia and was appreciated for his work there. 

Besides being a renowned doctor, Victor was also an avid tennis player and swimmer. 

Khary Mother Is An Artist

His mother Gwendolyn M Payton is a professional artist. She went to the same university as her husband.

She mentioned on her Instagram that she finally received her art degree as she was denied it 50 years back. Throughout her journey, she said that she got racial comments and one of them was from her professor as well. 

Gwendolyn Payton shared a picture from the day she was at Mercer University
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Gwendolyn was 50 when her husband passed away, and she has been a fantastic mother and spouse.

On her Instagram, she posts her art pieces; usually, her arts also have a story to tell. 

Khary Has Four Siblings

Khary Payton family is originally from Georgia, and he was raised with his four siblings in the same state. 

Khary is the eldest sibling among the four of them. His three other siblings are Dr. Kurlen E. Payton, Kurtis E. Payton, and Kalere E. Payton.

In August 2021, he shared a picture with his dad and mentioned that he has always been the best father to his kids. He also said that his father has been suffering from LukemLeukemiathe family is doing their best to look after him. 

He has not posted much about his siblings, who are also not very active on social media.

Khary Is In Relationship With Tracy

Khary Payton got married to his second wife Stacy Reed Payton in 2010. Khary was married to a woman named Linda Braddock before her. 

Khary and Stacy also got divorced in 2019. The couple shares two children 

Currently, Khary is dating another woman, and her name is Tracy Swiatly. She also works in the film industry and is a makeup artist. Tracy has worked for a famous Netflix series named “Walking De*d.”

Khary and his current partner Tracy met at a movie set and started dating in 2022. The first picture that Tracy posted with her boyfriend was back in November 2022.

She mentioned that they barely took any pictures while they were working together and it was also their last day working together on a film set. 

Tracy shared a picture with her boyfriend from their last day at work together
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The couple welcomed their first baby, Eli Nkrumah in January 2022. Payton posted pictures of his son and his girlfriend’s pregnancy journey and mentioned that the child was a miracle to them.

Khary Was A Married Man

Khary married Linda Braddockin in 2001, and their marriage lasted for nine years. The couple officially separated in 2009 and never had any children.

Similarly, he married actress Stacy Reed for the second time in 2010. Stacy is also an actress and has played in multiple movies and television series. 

Khary and Stacy's reason for divorce is still unknown
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Payton and Reed welcomed two children while they were together.

He Is A Father Of Three Children

Khary Payton is a father of three children Karter, Eli and Maya. Khary has two boys and one girl.

Stacy Reed shared pictures of the children while they were going to the school
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Khary Son

Khary eldest son Karter is a middle school child and is currently in 8th grade. 

His father has mentioned multiple times that he was born as a female but after he grew up, he always identified as a male. They supported his journey and are proud to have him as a son.  

Khary celebrated the Pride Month in 2022 with his son and daughter
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Similarly, Payton’s youngest child Eli is from his girlfriend Tracy. The baby is quite young now, and Tracy and Khary are doing their best to raise him with love and support.

Khary Daughter

Khary has one daughter, and her name is Maya. 

Like his other children, Khary and Tracy are also close and loving toward her.

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