Daria Dugina Died In Moscow, Alexander Dugin Daughter Was In An Car Explosion

Daria Dugina reportedly died in Moscow after a massive car explosion on Saturday night. 

Daria Dugina was the daughter of the Russian political philosopher, strategist, and analyst Alexander Dugin. He is well-known for being the “Putin’s brain.”

The Saturday explosion, which is believed to have targeted him, reportedly killed his daughter. The photos and videos of the incident have been swirling over the internet recently. 

Meanwhile, the officers are still investigating the incident that happened in Moscow. As reported by the Baza, she was returning home from the music festival when the car explosion occurred. 

Moreover, the victim’s claimed associate by TASS had confirmed her death after the explosion. While the matter is still under investigation, let’s learn more about the daughter of a political philosopher. 

Daria Dugina Died In Moscow After Explosion 

Alexander Dugin’s daughter Daria Dugina reportedly died in Moscow after a car explosion. The incident occurred on 20 August 2022 outside Moscow, in the village of Bolshiye Vyazyomy. 

The investigating team has yet to determine the cause of the explosion. However, the officers believed her father might have been the target of the incident. 

She attended the festival nights with her father; however, they separately returned while going home. Her father, who was supposed to be on the exploded car, was reportedly a target. 

However, he followed his daughter from right behind and watched the car explode right in front of her. With the detonation, the vehicle got dispersed all around the road; meanwhile, the victim reportedly died on the spot. 

Till now, the officers seem to have doubted the explosion of the gas cylinder with an improvised explosive device. The photos and videos of the scene have been circulating around the internet. 

Meanwhile, the investigating team is trying their best to know the reason behind the explosion. 

Alexander Dugin Daughter Daria Dugina Assassination

Alexander Dugin’s daughter Daria Dugina’s assassination through the explosion is currently under investigation. She was known for her outspoken personality in support of Russia in the war against Ukraine. 

Moreover, the U.S. government sanctioned her for her connection role in a Kremlin-run influence operation, “Project Lakhta.” Alexander, who might have been the target of the Saturday incident, is known as Putin’s brain. 

He is known for his ideological groundwork role in the Russian invasion of Ukraine war in 2022. As a Russian political philosopher, strategist, and analyst, he contributed his experiences to the country for decades.

Although the assassination of Daria is currently under search, Denis Pushilin has blamed the incident on “terrorists of the Ukrainian regime,” as he wrote in a telegram expressing his anger.  

How old was Daria Dugina? Know Her Age

Daria Dugina was known to be at the age of 30 years old when she reportedly died in a car explosion. She was born to her father, Alexander Dugin, and her mother.

She grew up looking up to his father and her family and completing her education. Like her dad, Daria was also known for her engagement in philosophy, political science, and journalism. 

Is Daria Dugina On Wikipedia? Meet Her Family Amid Viral Reddit Video 

Daria Dugina is not on Wikipedia; however, her name got featured on her father, Alexander Dugin’s page. Her family might have been devastated to hear about the news of the explosion. 

However, as the video and pictures went viral on Reddit and other social media platforms, the family seems to be maintaining their privacy for the moment. 

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