Who Is Ethan Kang From The Bachelorette? Details To Know About The Contestant On The Show

Ethan Kang Of The Bachelorette
Ethan Kang Of The Bachelorette

Ethan Kang is among the 32 potential suitors who will do his best to win the heart of either of the two bachelorettes, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, in the 19 seasons of the reality TV dating game show The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette is a reprise of another dating reality TV show, The Bachelor. Both the shows resemble the same plot, and the only difference is the gender swap of the leads, which is quite evident in the gender-specific titles of the show. The narrative is that the leads select the best suitors among the pool of potential suitors. 

The 19th season is the first time The Bachelorette has included two co-leads/bachelorettes, so two love pairs are expected to come out through the show. Ethan Kang could be one-half of either pair, but that is all in the future. 

Let's get a closer look at the life of The Bachelorette Ethan Kang.

Who Is The Bachelorette Ethan Kang?

Kang, an advertising executive by profession, is one of the participants in the 19th season of the reality TV game show The Bachelorette, which has just aired its first episode as of 15 July 2022. 

A few potential suitors were already eliminated from the show in its first week; however, Ethan Kang seems safe and set to continue his journey further.

 He prefers to spend his time courting a woman equally ready for marriage. That is the primary reason why Ethan entered the sets of The Bachelorette.

Advertising Executive Ethan Kang
Advertising Executive Ethan Kang ( Source : abc )

Ethan loves to play Monopoly and considers himself the king of it. Likewise, he is very fond of the TV series Entourage and watches it whenever he feels low. Ethan considers his preference for breakfast as his fun fact. His ideal breakfast is pancakes and hash browns that are extra crispy.

The Bachelorette Ethan Kang Age 

According to ABC, the reality TV personality is 27, meaning he must have been born in 1995. 

Considering his age, it is pretty reasonable why Ethan wants to get settled and have a family of his own. In all seriousness, he seems both physically and mentally ready for the next phase of his life. 

Ethan Kang works as an account executive at Amazon Advertising at present. So, he is financially secure and stable with a job. As a graduate of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Colorado Boulder, his academic background is also good. 

All this 27-year-old reality TV star now awaits is the love of his life with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life.

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Details On Bachelorette Ethan Kang Parents 

Not much is known about the parents or domestic matters, including the ethnicity of Ethan Kang; however, we know that he is a family-oriented person and wants his partner to be family-oriented as well.

Given that Ethan is on the sets of The Bachelorette, we can tell that he doesn't have a girlfriend as of the present. Regardless, we can speculate he must have dated a few in the past. 

His ideal woman is genuine, family-oriented, homely, and, over everything, fun. Ethan is upfront in telling that his mother was adamant in teaching him to value a woman's love, so we can deduce that one of his favorite things to do is make a woman feel special and appreciated. 

 The Bachelorette Ethan Kang
The Bachelorette Ethan Kang ( Source : parade )

Ethan strongly believes in the sign of the universe and feels that he is precisely where he is supposed to be; in The Bachelorette. He hopes to get a satisfactory outcome out of the show.