Jordan Nobbs and Partner Leah Williamson Almost Split As Relationship Grows Strong

Jordan Nobbs partner Leah Williamson is on British GQ Men of the Year cover.
Jordan Nobbs partner Leah Williamson is on British GQ Men of the Year cover.( Source : instagram )

Jordan Nobbs' partner Leah Williamson was recently glorified on the British GQ Men of the Year cover.

Her interview came out on November 9, 2022.

After being friends to lovers, it seems Jordan and Leah have been forced to go private with their relationship. With both unable to hold a conversation or make eye contact, fans started assuming the two had broken up.

The public has been questioning whether they have split up since July 2019. Neither has commented on their relationship status in the two years since then.

Jordan Nobbs was born in Stockton on Tees on December 8, 1992. The 27-year-old footballer has one older brother named Liam Nobbs. Her father, Keith Nobbs, was also a famous football player. 

Jordan Nobbs Partner Leah Williamson

Jordan Nobbs is still in a relationship with her longtime partner Leah Williamson.

After their supposed split, many Arsenal fans are pushing for Leah to date Tobin Heath.

However, Tobin Heath has been with Christen Press since 2015.

Jordan and Leah met while playing at the Women's Super League club Arsenal. They are still teammates and friends but have let go of a romantic notion. At least in public.

The rumors of them having separated were at their peak in July 2019. However, a fan tweeted that they saw the couple walking together in Cambridge on July 21, 2019. 

"Sighting of them today in Cambridge. Just super private these two now. lol."

Considering they are both English professional footballers and part of the Women's Super League club Arsenal and the England women's national team, sparks were bound to fly.

Leah's love for football comes from her mother, a footballer. There was a ban on women's professional football, which the government only lifted in 1971. Growing up, her mother would cut her hair, pretending to be a boy, so she could play. Someone would tell on her at one point, and she would be forced to stop.

Leah Williamson And Jordan Nobbs Split

Leah Williamson and Jordan Nobbs have not split up and are still together.

Their relationship took a drastic turn after they went private. They have even gone as far as to unfollow each other on Instagram. However, Jordan has not removed what photos they had. Neither do they follow each other on Twitter. 

However, in Women's Euro 2022, they were seen hugging in late September and talking. 

Leah Williamson's partner Jordan Nobbs has withdrawn from the England squad because of injury.
Leah Williamson's partner Jordan Nobbs has withdrawn from the England squad because of injury. ( Source : instagram )

Some fans think Leah and Jordan are still together as they had unfollowed each other before on social media in 2017 and hadn't broken up. One fan on Tapatalk believes Leah blocked Jordan.

Another fan thinks they are just going underground with their relationship because Leah was getting hate for their relationship from older men.

"I personally think they're still together, but have gone really, really private for some reason."

They shared a loving post on Valentine's Day on their story but stopped posting things after Leah started receiving negative comments regarding their dating life.

How Long Have Leah Williamson And Jordan Nobbs Been Together?

Leah Williamson and Jordan Nobbs have been together for at least five years.

Jordan Nobbs is not married and has never come close to proposing or being proposed to by a partner.

News of them dating sparked after Jordan Nobbs shared several photos of the duo on Instagram as far back as 2017. While in some, they were holding hands and sitting quite close together, her hand was on Leah's thigh in others. 

Though they no longer follow each other on social media, the photos have neither been archived or removed from their social media accounts. 

With Jordan Nobbs' birthday approaching on December 8, Arsenal fans are waiting to see if Leah posts a Happy birthday wish to her friend and longtime partner before they decide whether they are together or have split up.

Jordan is verified on Instagram as @jordannobbs with over 181K followers, but none among them is Leah Williamson. Leah is also verified on Instagram under the handle @leahwilliamsonn. She has over 689K followers.