Story: Sam Ballard Ate Slug Of Rat Lungworm On Dare - Rugby Player Death

Sam Ballard Latest Photo ( Source : Edition )

Sam Ballard, a youngster from Australia, grabbed the slimy insect and downed it. He was unaware that the slug was carrying a potentially fatal worm that would cause his body to become paralyzed.

It put him into a coma for more than a year, and finally take his life. It was merely a ridiculous dare among adolescent lads. He considered eating a small slug because of what harm could it possibly do, but he made the incorrect choice.

Sam, a keen rugby player who was 19 at the time, was drinking with Jimmy Galvin and a number of other of his Australian friends when a slug started crawling across Galvin's concrete patio at his Sydney home.

Story on Sam Ballard Ate Slug Of Rat Lungworm On Dare - Rugby Player Death

In 2010, Sam Ballard ate the garden species as part of a dare, according to in Australia. But after he acquired encephalitis and fell into a coma for 420 days, the initially innocent joke turned tragic.

Despite suffering severe brain damage during the event, he managed to survive for a further eight years.

Katie Ballard, left, with her son, Sam Ballard, in Sydney.
Katie Ballard, left, with her son, Sam Ballard, in Sydney. ( Source : Edition )

The Sunday Project in Australia stated that he passed away on Friday. The Sunday Project host Lisa Wilkison reported on the news website 10 Daily that he was surrounded by 20 of those he most loved in the world.

Ballard's age has been the subject of conflicting claims, although it is thought that he was 19 years old when he ate the slug.

Who Is Sam Ballard? Wikipedia

Sydney, Australia is the birthplace of Sam Ballard. He was raised there as well Sam was of Caucasian heritage and had Australian citizenship.

In 2010, Sam accepted a party dare to eat a slug. He had only turned 19 at the time. His cause of death was Eosinophilic Meningoencephalitis, which is characterized by a high concentration of eosinophils a type of white blood cell in the cerebral fluid, a sign of meningitis (CSF).

The parasite Angiostrongylus cantonensis, also known as the rat lungworm, is the usual culprit. He spent the next 420 days in a coma as a result of this. Although many people recover from it, he sustained significant brain damage.

Sam was a rugby player for a living. When he was nineteen, he was just like any other regular kid. Ballard and his pals used to enjoy wine in the backyard while trying to act like adults.

Sam Ballard Family Details And Heartbreaking Tribute

A rugby player Sam Ballard's bereaved family has paid a tragic homage to him after learning that he passed away eight years after eating a slug on a dare.

Sam Ballard, who developed rat lung disease and experienced terrible repercussions, is now remembered as a genuine battler and a hero to his younger brothers.

According to his family, the 29-year-final old's days were "the happiest," and when he passed away, he was in a room filled with love and surrounded by 20 family members and friends.

Sam, who consumed the deadly slug and became quadriplegic, passed away last Friday only moments after telling his mother Katie that she loved him.

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