Who is Actress Eva Arretxe? Wikipedia and Career In Nutshell

Eva Arreche is a famous personality who is involved in the profession of being an Actress. 

Likewise, Her artistic outcomes include filmographies such as Shiver, Maria querida, Stormy Weather, and The Lost Steps. 

These were the movies that were produced in Spain in a different year. Similarly, Isidro Ortiz directed Shiver in 2008, whilst Jose Luis Garcia Sanchez directed Maria querida, Pedro Olea directed Stormy Weather in 2003, and Manuel Gutierrez Aragón directed KING OF THE RIVER in 1995. 

Let's know more about this renowned acting personality and her partner from this article. 

Who is Actress Eva Arretxe? 

Eva Arreche is a well-known celebrity who works as an actress, and Shiver, Maria querida, Stormy Weather, and The Lost Steps are among her artistic achievements in the filmography industry. 

Apart from being just an actress, she was associated with the Costume department and designer and furthermore as an art director, likely being of multi-talented personality.

Sadly, as per social media tweets and news sources, it was revealed that she is no more in this world as people were passing on condolences and sad messages towards her family.

Eva Arreche Wikipedia Bio

Eva Arreche, even after being a renowned personality, is not available on the Wikipedia site.

Similarly, Late Eva contributed a lot to a wider range in the field of entertainment by working in many filmographies.

Eva Arretxe Partner and Instagram 

Eva Arreche is sadly not available on many social platforms, including Instagram, and there is no mention of her spouse. 

In addition, This media personality is found on Facebook under her name, which includes her pictures and many more; however, it may also be a fake profile.

Under her Facebook feed, pictures of a small boy and some of her photographs are shared.

As she is no longer in this world now, there is no possibility of her opening accounts, and her account will be removed.