5 Facts To Know About Kiwis Mele Hufanga And Her Family

Mele Hufanga teammate partner Amber Hall to completely nullify England and thrash them out of the world cup.

As Hufanga showed her class in the Women’s Rugby League World Cup semi-final match against England, she became the star of the New Zealand women’s national rugby league team. As a result, the Kiwi Ferns get one step closer to kissing the championship trophy.

Mele Hufanga did not regret her choice to change her career path this year when she made her debut for the New Zealand Women’s National Rugby League Team against the Cook Islands in the Rugby League World Cup.

The Kiwi Ferns took motivation from their national women’s rugby union team Bl*ack Ferns, who recently won the 2021 Rugby World Cup thanks to an incredible performance by Renee Wickliffe

Mele Hufanga of New Zealand proved an irresistible juggernaut as she led New Zealand to a 20-6 win against England in the Women’s Rugby League World Cup semi-final showdown in New York. This terminated England’s hopes of reaching the final of the tournament.

Quick Facts About Mele Hufanga

Full Name Mele Hufanga
Age 28
Married Status Unmarried
Brother’s Name Patrick Hufanga
Height 6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Weight 93 kg

Who is Rugby Union Player Mele Hufanga?

Mele Hufanga is a New Zealand-born rugby union player who pledges loyalty to the Marist Rugby Club. 

The 28-year-old plays in the midfield position for the Auckland-based club. Mele Hufanga, who switched to the Ponsonby Ponies, was called up to the New Zealand women’s rugby league team for the 2022 Rugby League World Cup.

Hufanga played for Counties Manukau in 2020; she was in the Blues Super Rugby squad for 2022 before becoming a staple for the Auckland side competing in the Farah Palmer Cup.

Mele Hufanga inspired Kiwi Ferns to beat England in the ongoing rugby league world cup. New Zealand won the game by 20-6.
Source : nrl

To demonstrate her versatility in playing the 13-a-side code, Hufanga piled up 30 points during Tonga’s 66-8 victory against Niue in a rugby league Test held at Mt Smart Stadium in 2020.

In rugby league, she has competed at the international level for Tonga. Hufanga led the Tongan rugby union team to victory at the 2022 Oceania Championships. 

However, it was the 28-year-play old’s for the Ponies in the ARL tournament later in the year that led to her selection for New Zealand’s World Cup squad.

5 Facts To Know About Kiwis Mele Hufanga

Here are the five facts about Kiwi Ferns rugby union player Mele Hufanga:

Hufanga signed with the Blues for the inaugural season of Super Rugby Aupiki.
Source : instagram

1. Mele Hufanga Is A 28 Year Old Rugby League Player

Mele Hufanga was born on October 18, 1994, and her age is 28 years as of 2022. She is a native of Auckland.

She was selected for the Bl*ck Ferns for the first time while she was still a teenager in 2013, and she began her career by being chosen to play for Auckland. In 2020, she will play for Counties Manukau.

She practiced playing rugby from an early age, and thus by the time she was marching for her professional debut, she was already all excited. As a result, Hufanga has achieved legendary status not just for her skills on the field but also for the compassion she has shown off of it. 

Mele Hufanga, aged 28, made her debut for New Zealand national team in 2022 Rugby League World Cup.
Source : co

Additionally, she was a member of the Tonga rugby league team in 2020. They have made a name for themselves in South Auckland because of the consistently motivational boot camp they have been holding.

Since both league and rugby are becoming more professional for women, Hufanga may be one of the last elite-level players to switch codes, but she has found that the league is more suited to her needs.

2. Mele Hufanga Aims To Tackle Health Challenges Of Pasifika Head On

The Kiwi Ferns running back Mele Hufanga aims to tackle the health challenges of Pasifika head-on.

She teamed up with her brother Patrick Hufanga, a fitness expert and also a founder of Beastmode Fitness, and the two have set up boot camp-style challenges for people to tackle their health problems.

A recent six-week initiative attracted over 110 participants, each of whom was a native of a Pacific Island. Mele said the primary purpose of this challenge is to grow healthy habits in people’s life.

She said, “It’s basically about bettering yourself in life…it’s a challenge for people who come from different forms, shapes and sizes, just for us to push them to have a better life, a healthy life.”

The Auckland homegrown said that seeing her mother have diabetes was the impetus for encouraging others to lead more physically active and healthy lifestyles.

3. Mele Hufanga Brother Patrick Hufanga Owns Beastmode Fitness

Mele Hufanga’s brother Patrick Hufanga is the founder and owner of Beastmode Fitness. He is a fitness expert.

In his community on the Pacific Island, which Patrick calls home, many old and obese people suffer from health issues due to a lack of fitness.

With the help of fitness camps, her brother Patrick had high hopes that these challenges would make people aware of the crisis that the Pasifika people were experiencing while also assisting in preventing an increase in the number of people suffering from obesity and diabetes.

Mele Hufanga brother Patrick Hufanga is a fitness expert and the founder of Beastmode Fitness.
Source : thecoconet

Mele and his brother Patrick did a good job organizing these camps so that people could learn and be aware of their health. So whatever their reasons might be for joining the centers, the goal will be the same.

“Faith is important, family is essential, love is important, and kindness., Mele said.

4. Mele Hufanga Is Single And Does Not Have A Partner

The 28-year-old rugby player does hot have a partner. She is not involved with anybody romantically at the moment.

Because of her appearance, several rugby league fans were unable to determine with certainty if the World Rugby League Cup standout for the Ferns is a man or a woman.

Mele Hufanga is a huge fan of Tongan player Simaima Taufa.
Source : instagram

Some people may be offended by it, but Hufanga does not let the views of others affect her, and she has no problem continuing to do what she does.

At the moment, the star player of Kiwi Ferns is not bothered by having a relationship or finding a suitable partner. Her main goal is to focus on her career and help his team and nation to glory.

5. Mele Hufanga Is Precisely 6 Feet Tall In Height

Mele Hufanga stands at an impressive height of 6 feet and 0 inches (183 cm). She is one of the tallest on her team.

Hufanga is able to exploit her towering height to her advantage during a duel in a game, and she does precisely that. Hufanga’s height gives her a distinct edge over her opponents.

Although rugby players are taller than regular women, according to the study, the average height of a female rugby player is 5 feet and 10 inches (178 cm).

It is two inches shorter than Huganga, so it is safe to say that she takes pride in her height and, more crucially, in her ability to make effective use of it in rugby games.

Some FAQs

What is Mele Hufanga age?

Mele Hufanga is 28 years old. She was born on October 18, 1994 in Auckland.

Does Mele Hufanga have a partner?

Mele Hufanga does not have a partner. She is single and is not dating anyone at the instance.

Who is Mele Hufanga brother?

Mele Hufanga has a brother named Patrick. He is the founder of Beastmode Fitness Academy.

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