A Tribute To Camping With Steve Wife Jessica Audrey Wallis After An Accident

YouTuber Steve Wallis shared a video on his youtube channel announcing the death of his beautiful wife, Jessica Audrey. Jessica passed away on August 20, but a statement from Steve was made public on August 25, 2022.

The YouTuber is deeply upset and inconsolable about the death of his lovely wife, Jessica.

He permanently changed his way of life and rose to fame as a successful outdoor camper and Youtuber after marrying his wife.

The unexpected news has shocked everyone, and many condolences have been left in memory of Jessica Audrey.

Steve Wallis is a Canadian YouTuber and he is primarily known for his camping and outdoor recreation videos.

Tribute Camping With Steve Wallis Wife Jessica Audrey

Steve Wallis announced the unexpected death of his wife Jessica Audrey in a video posted on his YouTube channel.

Steve Wallis and Jessica Audrey Wallis used to vlog together, and his wife gained much notoriety. The admirers of this couple have been emotionally saddened by Jessica’s death.

The cause of Jessica Audrey Wallis’ death is still a mystery. Steve, however, claims that she passed away while sleeping.

In the video, he adds, “Beautiful Wife and I went to sleep on Saturday. On Saturday, I was the only one who awoke.”

He also acknowledges that his wife is the source of all the light in his life before abruptly leaving her on the adventure they had been on together up to this moment.

Jessica might have had health problems in the past, or she might have died suddenly and without any symptoms.

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Jessica Audrey Death Cause And Obituary

Many of Steve Wallis’s fans are shocked by the news of his wife’s death and are curious to find out more about Jessica’s death details as well as her obituary.

Steve has not, however, disclosed the exact circumstances behind his wife’s passing.

Twitter is already overflowing with condolences for Steve and his family, encouraging them to keep going in the face of an unimaginable loss.

Tribute flows on social media for Steve Wallis wife, Jessica Audrey
Source : twitter

The influencer’s recent tragedy was regarded as the source of his complete and total sadness. He recently got back from a camping vacation in the woods, and he’ll probably be at home in a week.

Jessica, Steve’s wife, worked as a teacher in the public school system, but she likes to keep a low profile.

Who Is Steve Wallis Wife, Jessica Audrey?

Steve Wallis, a Canadian YouTuber, married Jessica Audrey in 2017. As Audrey had always been in front of the camera and had not been visible in his videos and images, there is less information available concerning Audrey and her life.

Steve Wallis shared a photo of him and Jessica Audrey on their wedding anniversary on Instagram.
Source : instagram

When Steve first saw Jessica, she was working a summer job at a cemetery, and he fell deeply in love with her. She was employed at the graveyard where he also worked when he first noticed her.

She then took a trip to Hungary to enroll at the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, where she spent the following year studying music education.

Audrey frequently accompanied her husband on his trips. She has always been the driving force behind her husband’s work and has backed his career and personal decisions.

Steve shared a photo on Instagram wishing his lovely wife a happy 5th anniversary on August 5, 2022. Sadly, the loss of Jessica just a few days after their anniversary must have saddened the YouTube star.

Steve Wallis Career As A YouTuber

Steve Wallis resided in a camper truck in Victoria, British Columbia, for a significant amount of his life. This continued for a total of three years.

Steve is known for his camping and outdoor recreation
Source : instagram

The way of life he had built up, which he refers to as “boondocking,” was not an option for him during this point in his life; instead, it was a necessity.

He is a self-employed businessman in addition to trying to establish himself as a prominent YouTube creator.

Additionally, he is the sole proprietor of Hunker Down Heating, a company that offers gas and heating services.

The growth of his YouTube channel seems to be receiving more of Steve’s attention after 2021 than pursuing his other careers.

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