AFL Jason Akermanis Wife Megan Legge Has Cancer, Net Worth 2022

AFL star Jason Akermanis’ wife, Megan Legge, is battling cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy last month.

Jason Akermanis is a retired Australian Rules Footballer. He is a former Brownlow Medalist and a triple premiership player who has played for famous teams like Western Bulldogs, Brisbane Bears, and Brisbane Lions. He also represented Australia between 1999 to 2000.

Speaking of his playing career, Akermanis has played 325 matches. He has scored 421 goals playing for the three ARL franchises. His most memorable time remained when he played for the Brisbane Lions, with whom he played 210 games and netted 263 goals. With the two Brisbane franchises, he won three AFL Premierships in 2001, 2002, and 2003. He has been named All-Australian four times in his life.

The post-AFL career led Akermanis to end up with the Glenorchy Football Club in the Tasmanian State League. In addition, he was appointed captain-coach of the Ovens & Murray Football League’s North Albury Football Club in 2013. Moreover, he also worked in the media as an analyst.

The AFL star is battling an emotional family situation, where he is supporting his wife in fighting breast cancer. In the meantime, Akermanis has also made the headlines for suspecting his wife’s breast cancer diagnosis to have a link with the Covid vaccination.

Now that Megan is healing, Akermanis stated that she was “recovering nicely” but might still require radiation therapy. The AFL great has also expressed his skepticism over Megan’s lump discovery’s timing, wondering if its appearance might be connected to her Covid vaccination. Nevertheless, there is no evidence to suggest that vaccinated people are susceptible to deadly diseases like cancer.

Quick Facts On Jason Akermanis

Real Name Jason Dean Akermanis
DOB February 24, 1977
Age 45
Wife Megan Legge
Children Charlotte, Sienna, and Zoe
Parents Denis Dezdjek, Shona Carswell
Siblings Rory Akermanis

Jason Akermanis’ Wife, Megan Legge, Is Fighting Cancer

Megan Legge, the wife of Jason Akermanis, has been fighting breast cancer in recent days. She underwent a double mastectomy last month after discovering a lump in her body. The procedure will eradicate the spread of cancer, while Megan will lose her organs.

Jason has stated that his wife, Legge, is recovering. However, she is likely to have to receive radiation down the track.

AFL star Jason Akermanis' wife, Megan is recovering from breast cancer.
Source : yahoo

He remarked that it was pretty quick but could have been worse. Akermanis told the Herald Sun that he was amazed by his wife’s fortitude in choosing to spend her 43rd birthday in the hospital.

Like Jason Akermanis’ wife, his mother was also diagnosed with cancer when he was only 13 years old. Unfortunately, his mother ultimately passed away at 41 years old, two years after her diagnosis.

Jason Akermanis Suspects Covid Jab For His Wife’s Cancer

Akermanis has expressed skepticism over the timing of Megan’s discovery and questioned whether the lump’s emergence could be linked to her Covid immunization. However, he also talked about how the diagnosis surprised the active and healthy mother of three children.

Any data supports the assertion that people with immunizations are more likely to get cancer. Immediately after the Covid shot, he claimed, Megan felt a bump, hinting that after the jab, her condition changed.

Megan Legge, 43, underwent a double mastectomy last month and will receive radiation down the track.
Source : co

Jason said: “It happened straight after she had the Covid jab, and she felt a lump. It’s not spreading and self-contained, so she felt the safest option is a double mastectomy, and she’ll undergo rebuilding in two to three months.”

One of the least harmful people on the planet is Megan, who doesn’t drink much and is quite active. She had a strong preference for healthful foods and followed a rigid diet.

Because the disease was localized and not spreading, Megan decided that a double mastectomy was the best action. She would, however, still needs to have reconstructive surgery.

Akermanis Got Married In The Year 2001

Jason Akermanis and Megan Legge took a wedding more than two decades ago.  

Jason was reportedly waiting under a bridge not far from where they had first met, prepared to pop the question with a camera and a ring. Instead, Akermanis and Megan exchanged vows on the story bridge at Captain Burke Park. They ultimately tied the knot in a private event on October 12, 2001.

The ARL star is 45 years old, while his wife, while a week ago, he celebrated his wife’s 43rd birthday. 

Megan was probably born around 1977 because she may have been in her 20s when she received her bachelor’s degree in 1997. All those numbers, meanwhile, are merely speculation based on details from her education-related LinkedIn page. 

Interestingly, Jason had also learned Auslan to communicate with Megan’s deaf parents. 

He Shares Three Daughters With His Wife

Jason Akermanis and his wife, Megan Legge, share three children, all of whom are beautiful daughters. 

One of his daughters, Charlotte, 17, is having an emerging career in rugby. She was chosen by the Lions’ Academy as a potential AFLW player the previous year. She then received high acclaim from her father, who claimed she deserved to be selected by the team in the future’s first-ever father-daughter draft.

Sienna, 14, and Zoe, 4, are two more girls Jason and Megan are raising in their Brisbane home.

Megan and Jason Akermanis with children Sienna and Charlotte.
Source : com

In recent years, Jason has disappeared from the world of football. However, his daughter, Charlotte’s promising career, has connected him again with the beautiful sport.

Jason has been giving his daughters all the comforts he did not have as a child while raising them with a lot of love and care. His daughters also referred to themselves as “daddy’s girls” and described him as their superhero.

Speaking of Akermanis’ parents, he was born to a Canadian father named John Akermanis and an Australian mother named Shona Carswell. However, when the ARL star turned 13 years old, he learned he was not the son of John Akermanis.

He soon discovered that Denis Dezdjek, a mechanic from Mildura with whom his mother had an affair, was his biological father.

At 19 years old, Jason’s mother passed away, and he took custody of his brother. The ARL star now asserts that during the turbulent time of his career with the Lions, he deliberately chose to locate his father, his half-brother Nigel, and his half-sisters Elissa and Shelley.

His Wife Is A Speech Pathologist

Megan Legge, the wife of Jason Akermanis, is a speech pathologist with a background in business and post-graduate work in speech therapy. She has more than seventeen years of expertise in her sector.

In terms of her education, Megan received a master’s degree in speech pathology from The University of Queensland between 2001 to 2003. In addition, she earned a business degree from the Queensland University of Technology between 1997 and 2000.

Jason Akermanis, wife Megan and their eldest daughter, Charlotte.
Source : com

After working at Mater Health Service for almost three years, she started her pathology career in 2004. Shortly after leaving the company, she joined Expression Australia in 2007 and remained there until 2011.

After working for Aurora Early Intervention for a year, she also worked for Interact Health Group for eight years. According to her LinkedIn profile, Megan later founded her business in February 2012 under the name “Megan Akermanis Speech Pathology.”

She also holds the position of general manager of the Akermanis Properties Blue Moon Ascot in Brisbane, Queensland. Her license and certification also include a Primal Health Coach credential ID from the Primal Health Coach Institute, which was awarded in March 2017 and had no expiration date.

Jason Akermanis’ Net Worth In 2022

Jason Akermanis’ net worth is USD 15 million in 2022. He accumulated his wealth playing football and later worked in the media.

He finished his 325-game career at the Western Bulldogs after winning three premierships and the Brownlow Medal with the Brisbane Lions. Moreover, the footballer was once among the highest-earning footballers in Australia.

While Jason is very popular in sports, he was elected into the AFL Hall of Fame and received the league’s most significant honor, the Brownlow Medal. 

Akermanis is an Australian Rules Football player who, according to some sources, is worth $15 million.
Source : efocus

Akermanis is currently content with his life in Brisbane as a real estate agent. He is the manager of the Blue Moon Ascot, which caters to the wealthy communities of Ascot, Clayfield, and Hamilton. He began his profession as a real estate agent after quitting the sport.

After leaving the AFL in 2010, the father of three turned to a career in professional golf. However, he admitted on 3AW radio in 2019 that he has been banned from numerous golf clubs. Therefore, he didn’t have much luck on the course.

The ARL star is active on Instagram with the handle @officialjasonakermanis. The three times championship winner has a total of 914 followers on the platform.

Some FAQs

When Did Jason Akermanis Got Married?

On October 12, 2001, Jason Akermanis and his wife Megan got married in a private ceremony.

How Many Children Does Jason Akermanis Have?

Jason Akermanis, a former AFL footballer, is the father of Charlotte, 17, Sienna, 14, and Zoe, 4.

Who Is Jason Akermanis Wife Megan legge?

Megan Legge, the wife of Jason Akermanis, is a speech pathologist with a background in business and post-graduate work in speech therapy. She has more than 17 years of experience in her sector.

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