What Happened To Angela Chalmers Winnipeg? Intruder Story and 911 Response

Angela Chalmers from Winnipeg is sharing her story of a 911 response that suggested she handle an intruder by herself.

Most people who witness an illegal activity follow the immediate step to call the 911 service. As such, when the people in the line respond poorly to the call, it can even put lives in danger. 

A similar thing happened to Chalmers. Her story is a 911 nightmare that nearly put her life in danger. 

What Happened To Angela Chalmers Winnipeg?

Angela Chalmers from Winnipeg was left mentally traumatized after a stranger invaded her home.

Apparently, Chalmers woke up the morning of June 18 to find a man sleeping on her couch. However, when she called 911 for an immediate response, the dispatcher allegedly asked her to handle the situation on her own.


Revisiting the conversation with CBC, Angela said, “They said that the police were really busy and would we mind going downstairs and waking him up ourselves?”

But, the 44-year-old did not want to take the risk. Chalmers then altered her roommate, and both waited for the next 20 minutes for the police to finally arrive and take care of the business.

After the officers woke up the intruder, he reportedly became very violent and aggressive. In fact, it took four officers to get the stranger out of the home finally. 

Angela Chalmers Intruder Story and 911 Response – Timeline of the Incident

Angela Chalmers’s Intruder story and 911 response have shocked the internet, and we have the timeline of the whole ordeal.

Around 7 am on June 18, Chalmers woke up to her dog, Loki, barking. Confused by this unusual behavior from Loki, Angela then headed downstairs to see the issues – only to discover a strange man lying on the couch.

Chalmers then silently woke up her roommate, and the two hid in the closet to call the authorities. But, the police took several minutes to arrive at her home in the Earl Grey neighborhood. 


After the issue was solved, Chalmers then complained against the dispatcher who suggested she take the matter into her own hands.

Angela said, “I wasn’t harmed, nothing was taken, it worked out okay this time, but had I been someone else … and took that 911 operator’s horrible recommendation, that could have ended completely differently,

It was later disclosed that the police had provided the respective 911 responder feedback on handling such calls. By standard, dispatchers are taught not to ask the callers to approach suspected people. 

Angela Chalmers Wikipedia bio

Though Angela Chalmers doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio, you can find her on the Linkedin site.  

Angela Chalmers is working as a creative producer in Winnipeg, Canada. She is involved in filmmaking and is an active member of the Disability Arts community. 

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Angela has gone through a traumatic experience. Around 12 years ago, a similar – but extremely violent- home invasion scarred her for life.

According to Chalmers, two men entered her home and beat her to a near-death experience. Luckily, the neighbors informed the police of the crime, and Angela was saved in time.

The two men had mistaken Angela for another person who previously lived in the same home. They reportedly wanted to rob the house. 

However, this incident invited a life-long PTSD for Angela. This was also the prime reason she chose not to interfere with the stranger this time.

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