Who Is Ashi Garcia TikTok? Meet The Influencer and Fitness Coach

Ashi Garcia, a digital content creator, influencer, and fitness coach, is showcasing her dance moves on TikTok. Continue reading to learn more about the young influencer’s personal life.

Ashi Garcia’s content has primarily consisted of videos dancing to popular songs on TikTok, with occasional thirst-trap videos thrown in for good measure. Her Instagram account, on the other hand, is dedicated to fitness and modeling gigs.

Her professional email address is [email protected], where she can be reached regarding fitness advice.

Who Is Ashi Garcia On TikTok? 

Ashi Garcia is on TikTok under the handle @ashi.garcia where she uploads dance videos that are trending on the platform. Her most popular videos, on the other hand, are thirst-trap videos, which have garnered her 2.6 million likes in total.

Despite not being one of the most popular creators on the video hosting service, Ashi Garcia has a respectable 376.8K followers.


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Ashi Garcia is also on Alua as @spicedashi. In a nutshell, Alua is a private messaging app that allows you to communicate with your favorite fitness coaches, models, mentors, and celebrities in private. 

If her TikTok bio is to be believed, she uses the private app to share intimate photos of her body with her fans.

How Old Is Ashi Garcia? Age And Height Details

Ashi Garcia’s age has not been revealed to the public, but she appears to be in her mid-twenties. If the calculations are correct, she was born in the late 1990s.

Similarly, her height is unknown, but based on her stature, she is taller than average, most likely standing over 5’5″.

As a fitness enthusiast who works out daily, Garcia has a lean physique with killer abs. She used to sneak into the library when she was younger and spend hours poring over biology books.

Does Ashi Garcia Have A Boyfriend?

Ashi Garcia does not have a boyfriend, at least not one that the public is aware of.

Her social media accounts are solely dedicated to workout videos, dance videos, and drool-worthy photos of her in skimpy outfits.

Even if she is romantically involved with someone, she is unlikely to bring him into the limelight. However, she has an ex, according to her TikTok video, but it is unknown if it was a recent breakup.

Influencer And Fitness Coach Ashi Garcia Instagram Bio

According to her Instagram bio, influencer Ashi Garcia is a fat loss coach. She focuses on teaching women how to achieve their ideal body through a healthy diet and at-home workouts using her platform.

Garcia, unlike other influencers, never recommends which supplements to take, but she does share what pills she pops in her story. In addition to sharing her food recipes for a healthy diet, she uploads motivational fitness videos.


To increase her brain excitability, she takes caffeine shot an hour before starting her workout. When she is feeling sluggish, she engages in physical activity outside because it provides a distraction for her brain, allowing her to avoid feeling lazy.

Instead of wearing tracksuits and yoga pants to work out, Garcia prefers to work out in just her underwear and bra. 

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