Who Is Ayanna Misola? Details About Her Real Name And Wiki Bio

Ayanna Misola is her real name, and she is a young actress and model originally from the Philippines. She is currently trending for her role in “Kinsenas, Katapusan,” a bold psycho-thriller

Ayanna’s performance in her second picture, “Siklo,” which was released in January 2022, was equally praised.

Ayanna began her profession when she was only 19 years old.

What Is Ayanna Misola Real Name?

Ayanna Misola is her real name. Ayanna made her acting debut in the film “Pornstar 2: Pangalwang Putok,” in which she played a supporting part.

The film was released on Vivamax on December 3rd, 2021, and her provocative moments garnered a lot of attention.

Misola has only appeared in a few films and has made a modest living as an actress. However, we are sure that she will raise a significant sum of money through her work in the following days, as she has been assigned to numerous directors.

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Ayanna Misola Wikipedia Bio

Ayanna Misola does not have a Wikipedia page yet. She is only 20 years old and began working at the tender age of 19. In one of her interviews, she said that she completed her education at Christian School. She also claims to come from a Filipino family that is conservative.

According to her personal social media profile, she enjoyed playing in pools during the summers as a child and was a loved child of her family. She may not have begun her college education or maybe taken private lessons to get her graduation degree because she has become an actress.

“Kinsenas, Katapusan,” a bold psycho-thriller in which she played the lead (a 15-year-old girl) for the first time, was her next feature. On February 20, 2022, Vivamax released the film.

Who Are Ayanna Misola Parents?

Ayanna Misola was born and raised by Filipino parents in the Philippines. She is of Filipino descent and belongs to the Pinoy ethnic group. The actress’s birthplace has remained a mystery. Nonetheless, she may feel strongly about her homeland.

According to interviews and online media sources, Ayanna practices Buddhism. She is a sweet young lady who is now focusing on establishing a successful career.

She didn’t have her father’s consent to portray sensuous parts in movies during her early days in the industry.

With time, she was able to act in a few films while still considering her family’s concerns.

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Ayanna Misola Boyfriend Revealed

Ayanna Miscola actress, has just gained a lot of fame and success at such young age. Nonetheless, she has never spoken about a boyfriend in her life. There is no evidence of her former relationships or courtship affairs on her social media accounts as well.

In her interview, Ayanna stated that she is more drawn to older men. He should be with a mature man because younger males are usually immature. Misola has also indicated that she isn’t concerned with where a person originates from but rather with their compatibility.

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