Does Barbie Ferreira Have An Eating Disorder? Health Update Of Euphoria Cast Who Left The Series

Barbie Ferreira is a 25 years old American model and actress born in Queens, New York, United States, on the 214th of December 1996.

The actress of Brazilian descent began her career as a model and has modeled for brands including Aerie, Forever 21, H&M, Adidas, Missguided, Asos, and Target.

As an actress, Barbie is famed for the portrayal of Kat Hernandez in two seasons of the HBO series Euphoria. Likewise, she also appeared in Nope as Nessie, Unpregnant as Bailey Butler, The Afterparty as Willow, and more.

Does Barbie Ferreira Have Eating Disorder?

Ferreira hasn’t disclosed suffering eating disorder, but rumors about the show’s creator and producer Sam Levinson asked her character to have an eating disorder.

Levinson allegedly pushed for Kat Hernandez to battle disordered eating for the coming season, but Barbie wasn’t having any of it. Kat is the only character proud to be a plus-size woman and enjoys self-expression through fashion.

Barbie Ferreira looking absolutely stunning at her first Met appearance.
Source : instagram

Furthermore, the character honors how she looks and has inspired thousands of young women worldwide to embrace their bodies; her having an eating disorder didn’t fit in the scene.

However, that’s only gossip that went around the internet following the actress having less screen time in the 2nd season. Likewise, the performer who portrays the role hasn’t spilled any tea relating to suffering the disorder in reel life or real life.

Barbie Ferreira Anorexia And Health Update 2022

There are approximately 24 million American people having anorexia, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, but Barbie hasn’t shared if she belongs to that population.

The actress is very optimistic about her body and has embraced herself for who she is and how she looks, so considering her lifestyle, she might not be a victim of an eating disorder.

 Barbie Ferreira stands confident and healthy in her body; the curvy model is body positive.
Source : instagram

However, she has gone through a lot in her younger days to have the confidence she flaunts today; Ferreira was insecure about her body, and it took her years to get over the fact that she is more than a curvy girl. 

Furthermore, the model signed to Whilemina’s plus-size division has inspired people of all ages to accept their bodies and skin while surrounding themselves with good energy and good people for peace of mind.

Why Did Barbie Ferreira Left Euphoria?

Ferreria announced that she would no longer appear in the new season of the most famous American teen drama television series, Euphoria, breaking viewers’ hearts.

The actress shared through an Instagram post how sad she is to wave goodbye to the character she played for four years; she played the most extraordinary and enigmatic character Kat.

Ferreira announced whe will no longer appear in the new season of Euphoria with heavy heart and teary eyes through Instagram story.
Source : sportskeeda

However, she hasn’t revealed the reason behind her departure from the show; maybe she received better offers or is filming for another drama series, but the cause has remained unclear. 

Hopefully, Barbie will disclose why she chose not to play the character she loved anymore. Likewise, we can’t wait to witness her flaunting other unforgettable characters that await her in the future.

Barbie Ferreira Weight Loss Journey

Barbie seems to have been a cute chubby girl since childhood as she revealed that the model began dieting when she was only five.

She struggled with body image as there has always been a beauty standard to have a specific type of body to fit in, so she began eating less to get the body everyone admired.

The photos of Barbie Ferreira from her childhood days.
Source : co

However, it took her years to realize the idea that she won’t diet to lose weight but instead embrace her insecurities. Likewise, she stays confident by cutting off anyone and anything that isn’t a positive influence in her life.

Furthermore, Ferreira seems to have followed exercising and begun eating clean foods that aren’t processed to remain healthy. Her body positivity has influenced many to focus on more important things in life than stressing over physical appearance.

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