Video: Who Is Bodega Bro On TikTok? So Viral College Student Was Sacked

So, in the recent dose of TikTok viral news, a guy from his job has been accused of racism, and eventually fired from his job.

Griffin Green, a college graduate also known as “Bodega Bro” on his online profile as everyone currently is referring to him like that, has lost his job in relation to a popular TikTok video where he was criticizing New York’s convenience store.

Who is Bodega Bro On TikTok?

New week, new viral story! Bodega Bro is a guy from the Midwest who recently graduated from college. He goes by the name “Bodega Bro” on Internet (at this moment) where he complained about the grocery store and made some racist remarks.

After posting a video of himself looking for a “genuine” grocery shop, he made such remarks. The Michigan native Griffin immediately received backlash from all over and was sacked by the store.

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Viral College Student Was Sacked

As per him, “OK, so I just moved to New York and I’m going to go grocery shopping and so I type in like “grocery stores” on my Apple Maps, and like, every f***ing one I go to – like, I’m walking, too – they’re like this s**t,” he says, pointing the camera to a corner store.

“Or like, f***ing, like this,” he adds, turning to show another behind him. “Like bro, that’s not a grocery store. Like I’m trying to get, like eggs, yogurt, like cheese, like s*** like that. Like, look at this place.”

So, basically, the newcomer to the city was surprised to discover a lack of major supermarkets and food stores in the Bronx where he was residing.


We all know that New York City is famed for its bodegas, which are in fact, convenience businesses on almost every street corner providing staples and needs.

With his mean talk, Griffin was able to alienate city dwellers by expressing his contempt for bodega culture on a TikTok that went viral, which ultimately resulted in losing his new job.

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Bodega Bro Wikipedia And Instagram Photos

As mentioned earlier, Griffin Green is a college graduate which makes him quite a young age. He appears to be in his early twenties, however, there are no authentic details about his age revealed yet.

As the original TikTok video that created the recent slur is in his private account, the clips of the original video are however circulating on Twitter.

Moreover, he has an Instagram account which is also private, so there is no swooping in for extra details than that’s available on the Internet.

He later added another statement after receiving initial backlash by uploading another video where he said it was “funny” that his maps kept showing him the direction to bodegas instead of other supermarkets.

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