Who Is Brenda Tracy? Survivor Of Sexual Assault Victim And Suspects From Baylor University Details

Brenda Tracy on a protest of sexual harrasment
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Brenda Tracy is a sexual harrasment victim who openly shares her experience. After her tale was made public in 2014, she decided to devote her life to campaigning. In 1998, she was violated by four athletes. Since there is no Wikipedia on Brenda Tracy, it is challenging to obtain information about her.

Brenda Tracy is utilizing a recording of her narrative to decrease emotional trauma after revealing distressing details of her gang sexual harrasment to thousands of people in person.

She has several different social media accounts. She has 4.9k Facebook friends and 9502 Instagram followers. She joined Twitter in March 2015 and currently has 27.2k followers.

Who Is Brenda Tracy? - Wikipedia

Numerous college athletes throughout the nation are familiar with Brenda Tracy. The gang rape survivor, who resides outside of Portland, has spent a significant portion of the past ten years traveling to college campuses to speak about her trauma.

Brenda Tracy was raped in a group. In addition, this rape victim founded the nonprofit organization Set The Experiment and is a supporter, speaker, sexual violence prevention educator focused on sports, and advocate.

As rumors spread of Aztec football gang rape, SDSU turned to rape survivor to address team
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Every year on December 9th, Brenda Tracy enjoys a birthday party with her loved ones. This December, she will turn 49 years old. She was born in 1973. She falls under the Saggitarius zodiac sign based on her birthday.

She was born in Oregon, making her a citizen of the United States. She also identifies as mixed-race and practices Christianity as her religion. Brenda continued her education after high school and earned a nursing degree at the university. 

Brenda Tracy Sexual Harassments Story

Brenda Tracy worked as a waiter in 1998 at Bray's Family Restaurant in Keizer. She was 140 pounds, 5 feet 10 inches tall, and had shoulder-length hair. I had victim written all over me, claimed the 24-year-old single mother of two boys, ages 4 and 5.

Tracy said a family member sexually molested her up to five, and then a neighbor did it again at nine. She has not discussed past instances in public. Tracy demanded that she be named here even though it is customary for The Oregonian to keep the names of alleged sexual assault victims anonymous.

When young, she frequently found herself in violent relationships with dangerous, angry, and unpredictable males. She has experienced both physical and emotional assault. She recalls using a turtleneck to conceal neck bruises from a boyfriend's chokehold in the summer.

Her children's father served two prison sentences, one for robbery under Measure 11 and the other for narcotics offenses. Because she was prey, predators frequently discovered her.

Who Are Brenda Tracy’s Parents?

Her parents lovingly and carefully raised Brenda Tracy in Oregon. Her mother, Deanna Walters, gave birth to her. At Slater & Associates Insurance, her mother holds the account manager position. Her father's background is not well known.

However, research indicates that Joseph is the name of her father. She once remarked that her father was a big help to her as a single mother. Moreover, Brenda was sexually raped as a youngster by a family member and a neighbor.

Brenda had her oldest son, Darius when she was barely 18 years old. Due to the husband's drug and alcohol abuse, the couple at the time divorced. In Oregon, her son is a basketball player. Both children were 3 and 2 years old at the time of divorce.

She has spoken publicly about her experiences numerous times. She currently fights for the rights of rape survivors. She also established the nonprofit group Set The Experiment.