Who Is Brooke Monk On Reddit? Tiktok Star Without Makeup Photos, Family Bio

Brooke Monk on Reddit is a social media star and influencer currently taking over the platform. 

A young teen Brooke Monk is a well-known social media personality whose popularity rose with her TikTok account. She makes videos, and clips, while following the trends to entertain her followers and viewers. 

She is an active social media user available on different platforms. A public figure who mainly gained popularity for her lip sync and dancing videos is also an influencer who shares her lifestyle on Instagram. 

Either way, she is notable for being an example of a young teen rising quickly to stardom, with millions of followers and likes on the internet. 

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Who Is Brooke Monk On Reddit? 

Brooke Monk is a social media personality who has currently been a topic of discussion among internet users. She is an internet personality who quickly rose to fame. 

Better known as the TikToker and content creator, she is a native of Florida who has managed to take control of various social media platforms. She got raised along with four sisters in her hometown Jacksonville, Florida, in the family. 

She is currently pursuing her education at a private college based in her hometown in Florida. Besides, Brooke is interested in the entertainment sector and wishes to be an actress. 

She is a verified user on Instagram with the username @brookemonk, with more than two million followers. Besides, as an influencer, she also helps to promote brand deals. 

There is no doubt that Monk has covered up the whole internet by dominating social media. She is available on YouTube with the user name Brooke Monk and has over 1.42 million subscribers. 

Looking into her TikTok account with username @brookemonk_, she seems to follow the Christian religion and has over 22 million followers with over a billion likes.

Her first video on TikTok dates back to June 2021 and has over a million views. 

Brooke Monk Without Makeup Photos 

In early 2022, Brooke Monk received some negative feedback through her without makeup photos circulating the internet. She is well-known as an influencer who took less than two years to reach the web’s top. 

However, her no makeup pictures on the internet seem to have put her through some odds in the meantime. However, Brooke has come forwards and addressed the issues, stating

“I’ve gotten some comments on my videos saying that me after I put on makeup isn’t actually me, and there are two different people. But it’s me… I just like to wear a lot of makeup.”

Regardless of having makeup on or not, her admirers have loved her and supported her on the platform. 


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♬ sonido original – Esteve &lt3

Brooke Monk Height In Feet

Brooke Monk has a height of around five feet and five inches. She is currently 19 years of age, with a weight of roughly 55kg. 

Monk is known for her beautiful blonde hair and blistering dark brown eye color. She celebrates her birthday every year on 31 January. 

Learn About Brooke Monk Parents Names 

Brooke Monk was born to her parents on 31 January 2003. She grew up with her mother, Amy Monk, and her father, Mr. Monk, who was well-known as a businessperson. 

Her mother is reportedly a homemaker who took care of her and her four sisters. 

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