Bryan Harsin Mistress Clesi Crochet Left Auburn In July 2022

Bryan Harsin’s mistress Clesi Crochet left Auburn in July 2022.

Clesi is from California and is known for her passion for managing collegiate-level sports. While she left Auburn in July, her rumored boyfriend, Bryan Harsin, was fired by the team a day ago. 

To illustrate, the University reported that Harsin was fired as coach at Auburn on Monday.

Let’s read more into this matter and about Clesi Crochet, beginning with some quick facts about Bryan Harsin.

Quick Facts About Bryan Harsin

Real Name Bryan Dale Harsin
Date of Birth November 1, 1976 (age 46 years)
Place of Birth Boise, Idaho, United States
Profession Former football player and coach
Team Auburn Tigers football
Playing position Quarterback
Spouse Kes Harsin

Bryan Harsin’s Rumored Mistress, Clesi Crochet, Is A Collegiate Student-Athlete Professional

Bryan Harsin’s mistress Clesi Crochet has maintained her profile as an engaging administrative professional focused on collegiate-level athletics. 

She has solid expertise in event planning, management, travel arrangements, reporting, and documentation.

Although she began as a dance coach, Crochet has been overlooking and managing sports in colleges and universities for the last several years. She is committed to her work and shines at monitoring logistics, scheduling, and calendaring events.

Clesi Crochet is an engaging administrative professional focused on collegiate-level athletics
Source : blacksportsonline

Regarding her core strengths, she excels at managing all crucial daily tasks to anticipate issues before they arise and make plans for the highest organizational success. Moreover, Clesi seeks to give all staff and leadership resources and assistance to encourage success and productivity.

In addition to budget forecasting and graphic designing, Crochet has a track record of success in giving stakeholders a chance to improve their responsibilities and add to a firm’s long-term success.

Clesi Crochet Left Auburn University In July 2022

In February 2021, Clesi Crochet worked at Auburn University as an assistant to the head coach and football operations. After working in this position for one year and six months, she left this work in July. 

While working the aforementioned job, Crochet had the job of helping the head coach with graphics, presentations, and special projects. Talking about it, she oversaw the annual calendar, managed the football squad and personnel, and designed and produced presentations for all kinds of meetings.

Clesi Crochet worked as an assistant to the head coach and football operations of Auburn University
Source : blacksportsonline

Moreover, Crochet assisted the organization, executed team travel during the season, and coached staff recruiting travel arrangements.

She facilitated project management and cross-functional communication between the football team, the players, and the athletic department. Finally, she managed the reporting for NCAA CARA.

Crochet Is Currently Coordinating San José State Spartans Football

Since leaving Auburn, Clesi Crochet has worked as a Beyond Sparta Coordinator. She works with San Jose State Spartans Football. Crochet was appointed to the position in September 2022.

As a member of the Mountain West Conference, the football team competes for San Jose State University in NCAA Division, FBS college football. 

Going earliest, Clesi began her professional career as a dance coach in Dance Unlimited. Starting from January 2017, she worked there for three years and six months. She taught students the principles of jazz, hip-hop, ballet, contemporary, and other sideline dance styles. 

Clesi Crochet currently works with San Jose State Spartans Football
Source : twitter

Furthermore, she choreographed and coached students in competition-level dance routines. Clesi established and cultivated a supportive environment for competition within the team, motivating each member to realize their potential while also learning how to work as a team.

Afterward, she worked for over two years as “Assistant to the Head Coach / On-Campus Recruiting and Operations Coordinator” at Boise State Football, where she was a part of the 2019 Mountain West conference championship-winning team.

Clesi Crochet Was Speculated On Having An Affair With Football Coach, Bryan Harsin 

In the series of events, rumors claimed Clesi Crochet was having an affair with football coach Bryan Harsin while both were working for Auburn University. 

In February, Harsin, the head football coach at Auburn, went through much criticism.

Lee Hunter, a defensive tackle who recently transferred from Auburn to UCF, is one of many who has publicly voiced dissatisfaction with the way Harsin handles things.

Clesi Crochet was rumored to have an affair with football coach Bryan Harsin
Source : facebook

Following these rumors, university administrators also started investigating what had gone wrong with the program amid the departure of athletes and coaches.

Having said that, there hasn’t been much evidence to support the affair rumor, even though it appears to be common knowledge. In contrast, Kes Harsin, Bryan Harsin’s wife, shared an Instagram that read- “Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.”

Bryan Harsin Was Recently Fired As A Coach By The Auburn

Coach and former player Bryan Dale Harsin most recently served as the head coach at Auburn University. After losing to Arkansas 41-27 on Monday, Auburn fired coach Bryan Harsin, ending a difficult and disappointing stint. 

It did not help that the team finished the season with five straight defeats, losing contests to teams like Texas A&M, Mississippi State, and South Caroline. It was also predicted that he could be terminated without cause for $18.3 million, with a guarantee of 70% of the money for the final five years of his contract.

Coach and former player Bryan Dale Harsin most recently served as the head coach at Auburn University
Source : wsfa

Harsin won around 80% of his game with Boise State, but he had a 6-7 record last season. Likewise, he led the Tigers for one season and eight games, earning a 9-12 overall record and a 4-9 record against SEC opponents. Auburn’s record for this year is 3-5. 

To detail, he led the Boise State University Broncos from the 2014 season through the 2020 season, compiling a 64-17 record before taking over as head coach of the Auburn Tigers.

Harsin, born and reared in Boise, graduated from Capital High School and played quarterback for three years from 1995 to 1999 at Boise State University. He got a bachelor’s degree in business management there in 2000.

Some FAQs

How tall is Bryan Harsin?

Bryan Harsin is 1.78 m (5 feet 10 inches) tall.

Where is Clesi Crochet of Auburn University?

Since leaving Auburn in July 2022, Clesi Crochet has worked as a Beyond Sparta Coordinator.

What is the name of Bryan Harsin’s wife?

Bryan Harsin is married to Kes Harsin. Together, they have three children- Dayn Mykena Harsin, Devyn Lynn Harsin, and Davis Harsin.

Why did Auburn fire Bryan Harsin?

Harsin finished the year 3-5 and 9-12 overall. While struggling against Power Five opponents, Auburn has dropped four straight games, with a 41-27 loss to Arkansas on October 29 serving as the breaking point.

What was the deal of Auburn with Bryan Harsin?

Harsin, who agreed to a six-year, $31.5 million contract in 2020, is entitled $15.575 million, or 70% of the remaining balance of his contract.

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