Chris Jericho Daughters Cheyenne Lee and Sierra Loretta Irvine, Meet The Children

Chris Jericho’s daughters and family are not so eager about his return to the ring after so many years. Jericho, a star of AEW, is revered throughout the whole world of professional wrestling.

He has been involved in the wrestling business for a significant amount of time and intends to remain so in the foreseeable future. He has had a beneficial impact on the whole business and has consistently assisted in bringing pro-wrestlers deserving of attention to the forefront.

Jericho is the only person to have held the WWE Intercontinental Championship and the NJPW Intercontinental Championship simultaneously. He has won the Intercontinental Championship an incredible nine times.

Chris Jericho Has Three Children

Chris Jericho and his partner, Jessica Lockhart, have three children.

Ash Edward Irvine is the couple’s firstborn child, born in 2003. Sierra Loretta Irvine and Cheyenne Lee Irvine were both born to Jericho and his wife in 2006. On several occasions, he has invited all three of his children to appear as guests on his podcast, which goes by the name ‘Talk is Jericho.’

Chris Jericho is father to a son and twin girls.
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Because Ash is such a fish expert, this is often the topic he discusses whenever he appears on Jericho’s podcast. His kid claims that when he grows up, he intends to pursue a career as an ichthyologist, a researcher specializing in sharks and fish. Ash has appeared on Shark Week several times.

Chris Jericho’s Twin Girls Had A YouTube Channel

Jericho’s daughters, Sisi and Chey, used to co-manage a YouTube channel at one point, called Sisi & Chey Vlogs & Videos.

The videos and vlogs that they posted on it were pretty amazing. They uploaded a complete series of hoax films, all of which deserve a much larger number of views than they now have. It would appear that they no longer have that YouTube channel.

After viewing several Minecraft videos and mod displays, Sisi and Chey decided that they wanted to start their own YouTube channel so that they could share their creations with the world. Their father interviewed them about the channel for his podcast, Talk is Jericho.

Chris' twin girls used to run a YouTube channel.
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They had just 39 subscribers to the channel before they marketed it on Jericho’s podcast. However, that number skyrocketed to almost 1,000 following the promotion, which caused them to feel quite enthusiastic about the development.

None of the children have indicated that they are considering a future career in sports or entertainment in any capacity.

Jericho’s Children Are Huge Fans Of Star Wars

A passion for Star Wars brings the Irvines closer, as it does for countless other families.

After The Force Awakens was released in December of 2016, Ash, Sisi, and Chey appeared on Talk is Jericho to provide their opinions on the movie as a family. Sisi, his daughter, said that the movie had a lot of exciting action sequences and that it was really cool how they brought back some of the previous characters.

Regarding Chey, she gave the movie a glowing rating in her article. She claimed that the film was nearly as amazing as the cheese itself, but cheese is superior to the movie.

Jericho and his children enjoy a great bonding time over movies.
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Chey did, however, have a few complaints about the movie, one of which being that Ben Solo didn’t look anything like his parents, Han Solo and Leia Organa. Kylo Ren kept removing his mask throughout the film was another strange occurrence that everyone in the family found peculiar.

Chris Jericho enjoyed the Rathtar pursuit the most, whereas Ash ranked the sequence in which Maz’s castle is visited as his favorite. The children aren’t just nonchalant fans of the movies, though.

Jericho’s kids know what they’re talking about, as seen by the fact that Ash, in that episode, was able to determine exactly how old Chewbacca was between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

Jericho’s Children Aren’t Fans Of Wrestling

Even though their father is one of the most recognized wrestlers in the world, Chris Jericho’s children are not particularly interested in the sport.

In an interview, Ash stated that the only time he watches is when his father is participating and that he is not really interested in having a career in the sport itself. Jericho also mentioned that his children become quite distraught whenever he suffers a defeat, which may be a factor in their lack of interest in the overall competition.

Jericho's children do not enjoy the sport, probably because they do not like seeing their father get defeated.
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Jericho also stated that despite the fact that he is well-known all over the globe, when he is at home, he is known as “dad,” and that his children view the WWE simply as the place where their father is employed.

As he was growing up, Jericho did not fully appreciate the significance of his father being the famous hockey player Ted Irvine, so he could relate to what his kids were saying.

The Wrestler Is Married To Jessica Lockhart

Since 2000, Chris Jericho has been happily married to Jessica Lockhart.

The duo met each other in Tampa, Florida, thanks to a WCW wrestler, Disco Inferno. During that time, Jericho was performing for World Championship Wrestling. In the book A Lion’s Tale, Chris Jericho recounts the events that transpired in the days that followed the first time he laid eyes on Jessica Lockhart.

According to him, Lockhart was obligated to leave the day after they met for a trip to northern Minnesota of three weeks’ duration. Despite this, the two of them kept up their routine of having regular telephone calls. On this basis, they initially established their connection with one another.

Chris Jericho is married to Jessica Lockhart.
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After she had returned from Minnesota, they decided to begin their relationship as a couple officially. Since then, the partnership has been building from strength to strength.

His wife does not enjoy being in the public glare and makes every effort to bring up their children away from the spotlight.

On his ring finger, Chris Jericho has a tattoo that honors his wife and is dedicated to her. During the course of an interview, he said that he was constantly breaking his wedding band, which made it highly uncomfortable for him to put it on and take it off.

The AEW Champion’s Father Was An Ice Hockey Player

Chris Jericho was born to a Canadian father and American mother, Ted Irvine and Loretta Vivian Irvine.

He was born in Manhasset, New York. His father, Ted Irvine, was an ice-hockey player who played for the New York Rangers. Ted Irvine played for the Rangers. After his father retired, the family uprooted and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Jericho's father was an ice hockey player. He played for the New York Rangers.
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When Jericho was a child, he frequently visited the American Wrestling Association (AWA) to watch wrestling matches. At this point, he was already interested in the business, but he decided he wanted to work in professional wrestling instead.

In particular, when he saw Owen Hart arrive with Stampede Wrestling and do a variety of high-flying maneuvers, he realized that professional wrestling was something that he was actually interested in.

The star of AEW has a sister named Vanessa Gerads, who works in the music education field.

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