Did Anne Heche Attempt Suicide? Cocaine And Drugs Report Are Worrying

Anne Heche is on coma after suffering a car accident on August 5
Anne Heche is on coma after suffering a car accident on August 5

Actress Anna Heche's car accident case has taken a new angle after a narcotic substance was traced in her blood. Did she try to commit suicide? Let's find it out!  

Anne Heche is an American actress with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Throughout her career, Anne has been a part of multiple commercial projects such as Donnie Brasco, Another World, The Last Word, The Vanished, 13 Minutes, and more. Apart from her acting career, she also identifies as a mother of two children. 

On August 5, Anne had a car accident that left her severally injured. The actress has suffered a severe brain injury and is not expected to survive.

Did Anne Heche Attempt Suicide? Crash Report 2022

Despite multiple rumors, Anne Heche's car accident is not proven as a suicide attempt yet. 

The Donnie Brasco actress was in a blue minivan crash on August 5, 2022; she was left seriously injured after her car hit a building and soon caught fire.

Firefighters took over 60 minutes to put out the fire before rescuing Anne from the car. As per eyewitnesses, Anne was still awake during her rescue but soon lost consciousness.

Anne Heche is a register organ donor
Anne Heche is a register organ donor( Source : nytimes )

Heche suffered an anoxic brain injury which slipped her into a coma. Her family and doctors have given up any hope for her recovery. 

Additional reports suggest that Anne had another minor accident the same day but didn't stop driving despite being visibly drunk.

Was Anne Heche High On Drugs? Cocaine Traced In Blood

Anne Heche's medical report suggests that she had narcotic substances in her blood.  But, authorities have not revealed if Anne had cocaine or any other prescription drug in her blood.

The accident is reported as a felony driving under the influence traffic collision by the law authorities. Meanwhile, the drug angle has also led to rumors that Anne's accident was a planned suicide attempt.

Similarly, her mental condition at the time of the accident is also being investigated. But, considering Anne's life as a successful actress with a loving family, the chances of suicide seem far-fetched.

Is Anne Heche Taken Off Life Support? 

Anne remains on life support now, but the doctors and her family have given up hope that she will survive.

Heche was a registered organ donor who had vowed to donate her vital organs after death. To fulfill her final wish, Anne's parents have collaborated with the hospital to keep her on life support until all of her useful organs are secured. 

Hence, Heche will be taken off life support after her organs are harvested as there is no chance of her recovery.

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