What Happened To Ricardo Pepi – Did The Footballer Like A Racist Post On Twitter?

19-year-old soccer player Ricardo Pepi came into hot water after people suspected him of racism.

Augsburg striker Ricardo Pepi is no stranger to the cheers as he mastered the craft of the ball since he was in his teens.

Indeed, his skill has earned him millions of dollars and brought him prestige as he represented the county in international Tournaments.

Twitter | Did Ricardo Pepi Like A Racist Post- What Did He Say?

Ricardo Pepi got in the center of a controversy after he allegedly liked a tweet that held racist sentiments towards Mexicans. A Twitter user but the name of @BryanED2000 wrote offensive remarks about the race, calling them monkeys with no talent.

Immediately after, he received a notification that said Pepi had liked his tweet. It seems like the footballer discovered his mistake early on and quickly pulled the like.

Regrettably, the user was fast enough to gauge his movements and documented the entire ordeal. 

Who Are The Parents Of Ricardo Pepi- Meet Him On IG

American soccer participant Ricardo Pepi is the offspring of Daniel Pepi and his wife, Annette, who are of Mexican descent. He started playing the spots at just four and got the support of his father, who is a coach. 

The couple is also parents to two other children, Diago and Sophia. 

You can follow him on his Instagram handle pepi_ricardo and be part of his 76.6k followers. 

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Does Ricardo Pepi Have A Girlfriend- What Is His Net Worth?

As of 2022, the net worth of Ricardo Pepi is still under review, but we estimate it to be in the millions. He makes his living by working under Bundesliga club FC Augsburg and the United States national team.

The six feet athlete was with Dallas until January but signed with Augsburg after scoring a contract worth 20 million dollars.

Indeed, he has no time for a wife or a girlfriend.

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Ricardo Pepi Age And Wikipedia- Who Is He?

Professional soccer player Ricardo Pepi was born on 9th January 2003, making him 19 years old. Although he grew up in El Paso, Texas, United States, his roots lie with Mexico.

As the border was very close to his residence, he regularly crossed the line to meet the rest of his family. 

His passion started when he watched his father teach soccer in the local clubs and began throwing the ball around. 

At 13, he scored remarkable numbers and climbed the ranking to join the higher leagues.

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