Football Anthem Composer Ian Broudie Wife And Net Worth 2022

Ian Broudie, a famous English musician, has a son with his wife. The “Three Lions” singer is a renowned name in the football world.

His musical journey began In the 1970s when young Ian Broudie participated in Liverpool’s budding punk scene. Along with Holly Johnson and Bill Drummond, he founded a band named Big in Japan based in his local area. He is popularly known as a member of the British Rock band Lightning Seeds and composer of the English football anthem, Three Lions.

The band wasn’t active for a more extended period and marked its end two years after it began. However, the band member started working in their ventures and succeeded in their solo career, and some also started other bands. 

He was also a founding member of Original Mirrors, a band that John Peel loved. He started creating and recording music under the moniker Lightning Seeds in 1989. The 1990s saw The Lightning Seeds enjoy significant commercial success. In 1994, he put together a live touring band and released the album Cloudcuckooland via Rough Trade on the indie label Ghetto Records.

Ian Broudie’s Quick Facts

Profession Singer And Songwriter
Original Name Ian Zachary Broudie
DOB 4 August 1958
Birthplace Liverpool, England
Nationality British
Marital Status Unknown
Children Riley Broudie

Who Is Ian Broudie’s Wife?

Ian doesn’t have a wife at present and enjoys his single life surrounded by his musical achievements. 

He is a very secretive person whenever it comes to discussing his personal life. He is very professional, and while attending his interviews, he never gets distracted by other factors beyond the subject matter. He has appeared in multiple interview sessions where he mostly talks about a comeback session of his beloved band, Lightning Seeds.

He had also said about how his son had helped in various instances in his life and was an active member of the band when they returned for a tour in 2017. He is one of the most famous English musicians of his time, and his songs take listeners on a trip down memory lane, making them dive into the sea of nostalgia, which eventually cherish their mood and make them happy.

Ian Broudie Haven't mentioned Anything About His Wife
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Additionally, he has produced music for artists like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Fall, The Coral, and many others. His most important legacy, however, is as the driving force behind The Lightning Seeds, which includes the adored albums Jollification and Dizzy Heights.

Although The Lightning Seeds’ music was sometimes categorized as belonging to the Britpop movement of the mid-1990s, Broudie’s psychedelic pop aesthetic always had a timeless quality that soared above Cool Britannia. Due to this, songs like Pure, Lucky You, and The Life of Riley still seem contemporary, contrasting the now-outdated work of so many of his contemporaries from that era.

Is Ian Broudie Still Married?

Broudie isn’t married in 2022 but has a son who plays guitar in his Lightning Seeds band.

Nobody knows whether the English star musician is married or divorced. He hasn’t disclosed his private information, including his current and former relationships. Following this fact, netizens have come up with several theories suggesting every possibility of his dating life.

Some believe that the songwriter is married and doesn’t want to bring his better half in front of the media to protect her privacy, whereas some think that he divorced his wife after complications during the early 1990s.

There haven’t been any instances of Broudie’s romantic relationship with a woman up to this point. It is still unclear if he was married or not, despite many speculations. Whatever the case, since he displays himself to the public in that manner, we shall regard him to be unmarried and single.

How Ian Broudie Made World Famous Football Anthem?

Ian made a football anthem for England National Team during the 1996 Euro Cup called Three Lions, which is still considered an anthem for English football. The words in the chorus are also known as “It’s Coming Home” or “Football is Coming Home.” David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, two English comedians, and the entire Lightning Seeds band contributed to Ian’s song creation.

It was made public on May 20, 1996, to commemorate England’s participation in the UEFA European Championship that year, which England was hosting. The original “Three Lions” and the modified “Three Lions ’98” reached the top spot on the UK Singles Chart, making them one of just three songs.

Ian Broudie And his Band Released The Song, Three Lions, On 20 May 1996 To Mark The England Football Team's Participation In That Year's UEFA European Championship
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The Football Association commissioned Ian Broudie of the Lightning Seeds to write a song for the 1996 UEFA European Football Championship. He wrote a tune that he thought would make a great football chant and requested the hosts of the football-themed comedy program Fantasy Football League, Frank Skinner and David Baddiel, to write the lyrics.

According to Broudie, he did not want the song to sound patriotic. Therefore he declined the FA’s request to have football players sing on it. Contrary to the lyrics of most football songs, this one describes how every tournament since England’s win in the 1966 FIFA World Cup has ended in disappointment. Each game is welcomed with new expectations that this could be the year they succeed despite earlier disappointments.

Meet Ian Broudie’s Son, Riley Broudie

Riley is the handsome son of English musician and songwriter Ian Broudie, born in 1991 few years after the creation of The Lightning Seeds.

All of Riley Broudie’s life, music has been all around him. The band Lightning Seeds, which had several crossover indie hits in the 1990s, was founded, written by, and creatively led by his father, Ian. Riley joined The Lightning Seeds right out of high school and has been a band member with his father for more than ten years.

 Ian Broudie Has A 31-Year-Old Son Named Riley Broudie Who Is Also The Member Of His Father's Band
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The on-stage relationship between the father and son is something truly unique. A father and son performing together on stage are unusual, yet you often hear of siblings doing so. Riley Broudie is a humble man who is incredibly proud of his upbringing and life experiences.

Riley has made a significant impact on his father’s life. As a child, he was a source of motivation for Ian, and in his adulthood, he is joining shoulders with his dad and is helping him by being the lead guitarist in his band. Life of Riley was also written by Ian Broudie soon before and right after Riley was born. It is one of the band’s biggest singles and was a personal reflection of his first parenting experiences. Riley, who has been a group member for over ten years, performs the song at most performances.

Ian Broudie’s Net Worth In 2022

Ian is one of the most famous musicians from England, with a net worth of $1.5 Million in 2022.

He is a Liverpool, England-born English singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer. His formation of the rock group Lightning Seeds is regarded as his most significant accomplishment to date. Under the moniker Lightning Seeds, he started creating and recording music. In 1994, he formed a live touring band and released the album Cloudcuckooland through Rough Trade on the indie label Ghetto Records.

Ian Broudie's Net Worth Is $1.5 Million In 2022
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The 1990s saw The Lightning Seeds enjoy significant commercial success. Under his name, Broudie released an album in 2004 called Tales Told. After coming back together in 2006, The Lightning Seeds issued their sixth studio album, Four Winds, in 2009.

He is also actively working with the band; for the past ten years, he has assisted his son in the band. Broudie claimed he would release a new Lighting Seeds album in 2021. On June 15, 2022, a new single called “Sunshine” was released. It comes from the next studio album, See You in the Stars, scheduled for release at the end of 2022.

Some FAQs

Is Ian Broudie Still Married?

Ian Broudie’s relationship status is kept secret. However, he never mentioned a female figure in his lie with whom he had fallen in love.

What Is Ian Broudie’s Net Worth in 2022?

Ian Broudie’s net worth is $1.5 million in 2022. He was one of the most popular English musicians during 1990s and early 2000s.

Who Is Ian Broudie’s Wife?

Ian Broudie has a son named Riley Broudie who was born in 1991. He is yet to talk about his relationships.

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