Guido Castro: What Happened To Maureen Lipman’s Partner Of 13 Years?

Guido Castro was the partner of the famous English actress Maureen Lipman. He was a retired computer expert. Maureen’s stage career has included performances with the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

She received her training at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She was named a dame in the 2020 Queen’s Birthday Honours for her contributions to entertainment, philanthropy, and the arts.

After making her stage debut in The Knack at the Palace Theatre in Watford, Lipman had a long career in theater. She lied to acquire the position, but it appeared to work when she claimed that a documentary filmmaker wanted to follow her as she found her first job.

She participated in the Royal Shakespeare Company Stratford season in 1973 and Laurence Olivier’s National Theatre Company at the Old Vic from 1971 to 1973.

Guido Castro Wikipedia: What Happened To Maureen Lipman’s Partner Of 13 Years?

Guido Castro, Maureen Lipman’s does not currently have a Wikipedia page. Guido 13-year companion of the actress, passed away from Covid.

Castro, 84, apparently had a kind of Parkinson’s disease and was in a respite home, according to the Coronation Street star, but the endemic respiratory virus “weakened him badly.”

Guido Castro's death news
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She informed the Daily Mail, “We don’t know how he acquired it, when he got it, or if he had it when he had the vaccine. “I told Guido, “It’s time to leave. You have to let go. And I believe that for once in his life, he followed my advice.

He passed away in January 2021, and she continued, “My heart is splitting.” I haven’t always been the perfect wife, mom, or girlfriend – I believe I’m a bit hit-and-miss – but I recognize a nice man when I see him, she remarked in a conversation with Prima magazine, calling Castro “a gorgeous man.”

Get to know Guido Castro’s Death Cause

The exact cause of Guido Castro has not been revealed yet, but covid also weakened him way too much.  In 2008, Castro and Lipman began dating; they were together when he passed away.

Before his passing in 2004, she was wedded to writer Jack Rosenthal, with whom she had 2 kids. Lipman was absent from Coronation Street for some time because she did not feel safe, but she intended to return after she had the Covid vaccine.

She claimed that because it is in her nature to make others laugh, she found it “difficult to weep.” She does not regret a single moment she spends with her companion, Guido.

Maureen reflected on the days following Jack’s passing and said, “I inclined to make people laugh; therefore, it was practically impossible for me to weep.

Guido Castro Family And Children

Guido Castro has never talked anything about his family members in public. He was always a bit secretive when it came to his folks. 

Likewise, we also have no clue whether the couple, Lipman and Guido, were married or not, as they never revealed it openly for their reasons. However, Maureen was born and brought up in a Jewish family.

Maureen Lipman gets through grief of partner's loss like The Queen
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The offspring of Maurice Julius Lipman and Zelma Pearlman, Lipman was born in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. Her dad’s tailor store had stood between the Ferens Art Gallery and Monument Bridge.

Jewish by birth, Lipman discovered post-war Hull to be a friendly environment for the Jewish community. She joined Wheeler Primary School while residing on Northfield Road in Hull.

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