Lauren Dunn OSU: Kasey Dunn Daughter Age & Facts To Know

Kasey Dunn is a former player and current coach in American football. He has two daughters, Kayla and Lauren Dunn.

While at Idaho, Dunn played wide receiver from 1987 to 1991. Dunn decided to sign with Idaho at the last minute, and the school was his previous scholarship offer for collegiate football.

Born in San Diego, California, Dunn went on to play competitively in the Canadian Football League (CFL) with British Columbia and Edmonton, as well as the National Football League (NFL) with Houston, before beginning his career as a coach.

As of 2020, he still holds the program records for career catches and receiving yards. In addition, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007. He spent time with the NFL’s Houston Oilers in 1992 and the Canadian Football League’s BC Lions and Edmonton Eskimos from 1992 to 1993. In 1992, he had 20 catches with the Edmonton Eskimos, and the Houston Oilers drafted him.

Quick Facts About Kasey Dunn

Full Name Kasey E. Dunn
Age 53
Married Status Married
Spouse Janelle Dunn
Children Two daughters
Daughter’s Name Kayla and Lauren

Kasey Dunn is a present head coach at Oklahoma State University (OSU).
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Kasey Dunn Daughter Age, How Old Is Lauren Dunn?

Kasey Dunn, the father of two daughters, was born on July 22, 1969. He is 53 years of age. 

The professional football star tied the knot with his wife, Janelle Dunn, and the couple went on to have two children together. Their names are Kayla and Lauren. Many people have speculated that both of their daughters are twins and the same age. But that is not the case. Kayla is older than Lauren.

However, Kasey has not disclosed their exact date of birth, and as a result, Kayla and Lauren’s ages continue to be a mystery. In May 2016, Kasey tweeted a post about Lauren’s sister Kayla, who recently graduated from Stillwater high. She was 17 back then. In 2022 she must be 23 years of age. Similarly, Lauren, who is just a few years younger than Kayla, should be 19 or 20.

After his professional playing career began, Kasey Dunn made it a point to safeguard the personal information of himself and his family members. This practice has not altered much since he retired from the sport.

Dunn retired and returned home so that he could spend more time with his family and children, but the privacy of his loved ones and the security of his two daughters are still his highest priorities. Moreover, it is likely that his wife Janelle, whom he first met in the 1990s, is around the same age as he is, or she might even be in her late 40s.

Lauren’s dad Kasey was 18 years of age when he started his professional football player playing for his college team in Idaho as a wide receiver. Dunn turned 23 when Houston Oilers drafted him into the National Football League (NFL). 

Lauren Dunn's sister Kayla was 17 years of age when she graduated from Stillwater High in 2016.
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Facts To Know About Kasey Dunn And Her Daughter Lauren

  1. Lauren Dunn is the daughter of Kasey Dunn, the head coach of the men’s basketball team at Oklahoma State University (OSU), and her mother, Janelle. She was brought up with her only sibling, Kayla Dunn, throughout her childhood.
  2. His father, Kasey Dunn, not to be mistaken for American freestyle swimmer Kasey Dunn, is a former American football player and is now a head coach and the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State University. “He has been an incredible father and he has taught me lessons that I will use for the rest of my life,” Lauren said.
  3. Lauren, Kasey’s second daughter, had a wonderful childhood thanks to her wonderful parents. Since her grandpa was said to have originated in Africa and then moved to the United States, she may claim African American ancestry since her father’s father was also of African descent.
  4. Kasey had mentioned Kayla a few times on his Twitter account, the first one in 2016 when Kayla graduated from Stillwater High school. He wrote,” Congratulations, Kayla! Stillwater HS grad and future Cowgirl! My #1 recruit to OSU!”
  5. After graduating high school, Lauren and her sister Kayla decided to continue their education at the prestigious Oklahoma State University (OSU). However, they have not provided specifics on their chosen field of study.
  6. Since Lauren’s sibling Kayla was a swimmer at Stillwater High School and often swam between four and five miles during practice, she reasoned that she would be able to handle the swimming component of the triathlon. In addition, she ran a half-marathon with her mother, which led her to believe that she could also complete the running component.
  7. Kayla was only 17 when she began searching for the competition, but the majority of races were unwilling to lower their minimum age requirement from the standard 18 years old. And hence she could not take part in any of the competitions. 
  8. Lauren’s father, Kasey, has an unverified Instagram account with the username @kaseydunn100. He is scarcely active on the social media platform and has 22 ig photos with just 334 followers.
    Kasey Dunn, the OSU head coach raised her daughters in Stillwater and send them to Oklahoma State University.
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    Some FAQs

    Is Lauren Dunn’s father a football player?

    Lauren Dunn’s father Kasey Dunn is a retired American football player. He was drafted by Houston Oilers in 1992 in the NFL.

    Who are Kasey Dunn’s daughters?

    Kasey Dunn has two daughters, Lauren and Kayla Dunn. He is married to wife Janelle.

    Who is Lauren Dunn’s sister?

    Lauren Dunn’s sister Kayla is a Oklahoma State Student Body President. She won the college election in 2019.

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