Lauren Thomas: Five Facts On Adam Henrique Wife

Lauren Thomas is the wife of Adam Henrique, a Canadian professional ice hockey star and captain of the NHL side Anaheim Ducks.

Thomas’ husband Henrique started his career as a junior hockey player at his home in Ontario. He was then selected by the New Jersey Devils, the 82nd overall choice in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

With the New Jersey Devils, Henrique netted his 100th career goal in a home match against the Tampa Bay Lightning. He eventually moved to Anaheim Ducks and signed a five-year, USD 29.125 contract extension with the team.

The son of a tobacco and ginseng farmer, Adam Henrique, has retained his form this season. He netted his first two-goal of the campaign on Tuesday, November 2, 2022. The hockey centre scored both his goal in the 6-5 shootout win over the Sharks.

Quick Facts About Lauren Thomas

Real Name Lauren Thomas
Husband Adam Henrique
Parents Steve and Lori Thomas
Siblings Christian Thomas
Nationality Canadian-American

Adam Henrique & Lauren Thomas Married In 2021

Adam Henrique met his wife, Lauren Thomas, in 2016.

Lauren Thomas and Adam Henrique have been married for two years now. They tied the knot in the summer of 2021.

In 2016, Thomas received a direct message from Adam, who followed her on Instagram via a request from a friend. Three months later, the couple went on a first date, traveling the edge of Toronto’s CN-Tower, and their romance grew from there.

Lauren Thomas and Adam Henrique posing for a photo after their wedding.
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Henrique proposed to Thomas on Christmas 2020. Then, in the summer of 2021, they successfully planned their wedding in Toronto, Ontario.

Lauren Thomas says: “After micro-managing the gift opening (not suspicious at all), he saved the best for last. I opened up a sign that said “will you marry me?”, and when I turned around, Adam was on his knee with the ring.”

Five Facts On Adam Henrique’s Wife Lauren Thomas

Henrique receives a sufficient amount of support from his wife, Lauren Thomas. He has expressed his feelings for her in plenty of his interviews. Here are some interesting facts about his lovely spouse.

Lauren Thomas Is The Daughter Of Hockey Player Steve Thomas

Lauren Thomas is no stranger to hockey because her dad, Steve Thomas, is an NHL legend. Her dad spent almost 20 years in the league.

Stephen Antony
Source : celebrityhockeyclassics

He played as a right winger for almost 20 seasons in the league. He played for teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago hawks, New York Islanders, New Jersey Devils, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, and Detroit Red Wings. Steve has also served as the assistant coach for the St. Louis Blues.

Like Thomas’ dad, her brother, Christian Thomas, is also an ice hockey player. Her brother plays for the SC Bern of the National League (NL).

Adam Henrique’s Wife Graduated From The University Of San Diego

Adam Henrique’s wife Lauren Thomas completed her Master’s degree from the University of San Diego in 2018. She took Education as her major.

Before this, Thomas went to Western University to study Bachelor of Arts.

Adam Henrique and Lauren Thomas at a food outlet.
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As stated on her LinkedIn profile, she is a certified teacher who has completed the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA). Besides her Education, Thomas has also volunteered with the American Red Cross.

Lauren Thomas Is A Teacher By Profession

Lauren Thomas is a 2nd-grade elementary school teacher. She enjoys teaching and playing with little children and wishes to have her own in the future.

Thomas (right-center) enjoying wine during her Bachelors party.
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According to her LinkedIn profile, she teaches multiple subjects at the Magnolia Science Academy in California. She has previously worked as an Instructional Assistant at Loma Ridge Elementary School.

Moreover, Lauren started her career as a substitute teacher at The Pegasus School and New Horizon School.

Lauren Thomas’ Wedding Dress Grabbed A Lot Of Attention

Lauren Thomas looked very stunning during her wedding ceremony.

She donned an extravagant Lian Rockman & Mira Zwillinger gown to marry her husband Adam Henrique. Meanwhile, her husband, the NHL star, was rocking a dark tuxedo.

Lauren Thomas walking with her bridemaids at her wedding.
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Thomas said after her wedding ceremony, “The best part of planning our wedding was bringing everyone together after 2 years of ‘staying apart’. Although it was a very challenging and uncertain time to plan an event that was so special to us, we had faith that everything would come together as imagined.”

Lauren Thomas And Adam Henrique Are Dog Parents

Lauren Thomas and Adam Henrique are dog lovers. Two years ago, they adopted a 4-year-old Maltese/Bichon mix.

They have named their dog Sammy. While Henrique was traveling with the Anaheim Ducks, Lauren took her road trip, helping at a nearby pet adoption fair.

Eventually, Thomas saw Sammy and brought him to their Newport Beach, California home. They decided to care for him and grew attached to him temporarily.

After adoption, Henrique said of his wife: “All the dogs that Lauren saw, they all had different issues, whether it was health-wise or something else. People might not always thinking of adopting as their first thought, but it’s a great way to bring a dog into your home. These shelters, they don’t make a lot of money, but they are doing a great thing. The people are so nice.”

Besides Sammy, Thomas and Henrique are also the owners of a dog named Sunny. The couple has also created an Instagram handle under the name @sammysweetboy to share pictures of their dog.

Some FAQs

Who is Adam Henrique’s wife Lauren Thomas?

Lauren Thomas is a 2nd grade elementary school teacher. She married NHL star, Adam Henrique in 2021.

Who are Lauren Thomas’ parents?

Lauren Thomas is the daughter of NHL legend, Steve Thomas, and his wife, Lori Thomas.

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