Who Is Lesedi Moloi On 7de laan? Keabetswe Motsilanyane Character On The Show Details

Lesedi Moloi is a character played by a South African actress Keabetswe Motsilanyane, an Afrikaans soap opera produced and written by Danie Odendaal in South Africa.

She has left the show for a short while as she hasn’t been seen on the show since February 2022. Her character left her Hillside friends and coworkers behind to care for her ailing father, Jacob Moloi, in a different province.

7de laan: Who Is Lesedi Moloi?

Lesedi is a character portrayed by actress Keabetswe Motsilanyane. She is known for being an attorney who hasn’t been seen in the show for quite a while now. However, she is a talented actress who has also put her foot in the music industry of South Arica.

The famous actress is known as KB and has recently released six albums, making her a well-known and successful South African musician. Eve, Sibongile Khumalo, Busta Rhymes, Beyonce, Prime Circle, Ashanti, Dwele, and Brandy are some of the top local and international acts she has performed within shared venues.

Lesedi Moloi Is A Character Of Lawyer Played By Keabetswe Motsilanyane
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In 1999, she began acting in plays at the theater. She is well recognized for her role as KayBee on Backstage television. After leaving the program, she portrayed the part of Lucilla Vilakazi in the well-known television series Rhythm City. She joined the cast of the iconic South African serial opera 7de Laan in 2017 and portrayed the fiery lawyer Lesedi.

Is Lesedi Leaving 7de laan?

It is unsure whether Lesedi Moloi has left the show forever, as her exit was mentioned as temporary earlier this year. Keabetswe Motsilanyane’s character left her Hillside friends and coworkers behind to care for her elderly father, Jacob Moloi, in a different province.

This preceded an episode shown earlier this year in which Lesedi took Fikani’s sperm from the hospital moments before boarding a plane. Fans and viewers of the show were shocked by the moment, which was unexpected for most of them.

She was informed on-screen by Khethiwe, the office manager, that Alexa had left her husband’s sperm at the workplace. So she ran when she had the chance to steal something belonging to the man she was deeply in love with.

Is Lesedi Overstepping Boundaries?

The mention of Lesedi was made in a 30-second promo video of the show 7de Laan captioning whether Lesedi has overstepped the boundaries or not. However, it is still unclear what is the context of the sentence as we haven’t been aware of the situation in which that clip is based.

The clip starts with the conversation of other characters in the show. Lesedi appears on the 17th second of the video in which she busts inside a room that seems to be a clinic or a hospital and apologizes to the people in the room for her sudden entrance.

What Did She Do On The Recent Episodes?

Everything will be uncovered after the episode of 7de Laan is dropped on SABC 2. She seems to be in love with one of the notable characters of the show and could come in between the relationship between him and his partner.

An Afrikaans soap opera titled 7de Laan is produced in South Africa by Danie Odendaal Productions. The series focuses on the daily lives of people who live in and around the Hillside suburbia neighborhood of 7de Laan.

A Group Photograph Of Cast And Crew Members Of 7de Laan
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The majority of the conversation in the program is spoken in Afrikaans, with subtitles in English and Zulu interspersed. Seventh Street in Melville, Johannesburg, is seen in the opening graphics, along with its storefronts.

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