Marjon Beauchamp Fulfilling His Family Dreams, NBA Star’s Parents Details

MarJon Beauchamp was born to his parents, Jon Mark Beauchamp and Denise Pleasant, on the 12th of October 2000 in Yakima, Washington, United States.

Jon was also an athlete and a multisport star at Davis, and the former college basketball player is his son’s biggest supporter. Although he didn’t pursue sports professionally, he has helped his son reach his dream.

The elder Beauchamp knew that MarJon could become an NBA player when he was seven, and the athlete made it to the NBA in 2022; he plays for the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Before that, the basketball player spent his high school career at Nathan Hale, Garfield, Rainer Beach, and Dream City Christian. Likewise, he spent his collegiate career at Yakima Valley.

Marjon Beauchamp’s Father Was A College Basketball Player

MarJon Beauchamp’s father, Jon Mark Beauchamp, is a former college basketball player who played for Highline College and Eastern Washington.

Furthermore, the elder Beauchamp, a multisport star at Davis, passed his love for basketball and his shooting touch to his son. He now works in customer relations in Bellevue and formerly served as a radio personality. 

Marjon Beauchamp plays for the Milwaukee Bucks, wearing jersey number 0.
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Jon is a single parent, and he accompanied MarJonto from Yakima, Washington, to Seattle to play basketball under head coach Brandon Roy at Nathan Hale High School.

Furthermore, his father pushes him to become a better version of himself every day, and without his support, the athlete wouldn’t have made it to NBA.

The former college basketball player also helped his son avoid negative things while going through rough times; the 22-year-old almost gave up on sports after covid made him return to his hometown in Yakima.

Marjon Beauchamp Gifted His Mother A New House

Born to Denise Pleasant on the 12th of October 2000, MarJon gifted his mother a new house weeks after Milwaukee Bucks drafted him in the 2022 NBA draft. 

The basketball player spent most of his life growing up in apartments, and his parents couldn’t be more proud when their son brought a new house they could live in without paying rent. 

Marjon Beauchamp tweeted about getting his mom a new house in April 2022.
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He shared that Denise has sacrificed a lot for him, and she was absent for four years of his life; although his mom’s absence affected him mentally, he got through it and was over the moon when he could finally fulfill his dream.

Beauchamp made a Tweet on the 4th of April that he would get his mother a new roof. After three months, on the 22nd of July 2022, he posted a video of surprising her with one; Denise broke down in awe and embraced her son.

Marjon Beauchamp Is The Grandson Of Henry Beauchamp

Beauchamp is the grandson of the first African-American mayor Henry Beauchamp who served  24 years on the Yakima City Council.

Henry was a master bricklayer during his early adulthood. However, his strong desire to make a difference and positive change turned him to public service, so he became the Southeast Yakima Community Center’s Executive Director. 

Marjon Beauchamp carries his grandfather's legacy.
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The late mayor left his legacy as he worked tirelessly to make a difference and improve his community. Furthermore, he was also OIC’s founder and executive director for over 38 years.

Thus, MarJon cherishes his roots in Yakima, and the city will always be the first place in his heart as his life started there; furthermore, that’s where he grew up and where he has his childhood friends. 

Marjon Beauchamp Has Two Younger Siblings

MarJon is not the only child; he is the eldest son born to his parents and has a younger brother and sister.

The athlete’s siblings are very young, and their names are yet to uncover; however, his mom has posted a few pictures with all her kids on her social media, @denisepleasant.

Marjon Beauchamp with his mom and siblings
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Likewise, Beauchamp has other brothers and sisters/cousins, namely Afrika, Tyler, DeMarcus, Micheal, and Jazmyn. Furthermore, he has a six-month-old dog named Pluto. But he hasn’t shared much about them or shared any posts with them on Instagram. 

Moreover, the basketball player has faith in God; he is very grateful to the lord for never giving up on him and showing him the right path to success. He also posted a quote on the 4th of September 2022, ‘Jesus Christ changed my life.’

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