Mike Evans Sister Kia L Evans Is A Tiktok Enthusiast

Mike Evans sister Kia L Evans is a Tiktok star and a huge football fan. Wide receiver Mike Evans has two siblings Kia and Convo.

The American football wide receiver grew up with his younger siblings in agony and pain. Their mother, Heather Kilgore, was only 14 when she gave birth to Mike in 1993. Kia came a few years after Mike.

The three siblings get along very well in the present day, and he loves her very much. Kia is now a married woman and has one child. She has a daughter named Kenny Nolan with her spouse.

Evans put on a scintillating display on Tuesday, December 6, game against New Orleans Saints, giving Tampa Bay a tight edge over them in a thrilling and emphatic 17-16 win. MLB standout and free agent Aaron Judge who were among the attendee for the game hailed Evans’ performance after the game.

Mike Evans Sister Kia Is Younger Than Him

Wide receiver Mike Evans has a younger sister Lynn Evans who is fond of social media.

Mike Evans with Kia, mother Heather and brother Donvo in March 2019.
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The NFL star is the firstborn of their parents, and Lynn came a few years after his birth. However, Kia is not the only sibling he has. Mike also has a younger brother Donvo who is a football player.

After his father passed away when they were both young, Mike was only nine years old, and their mother, Heather Kilgore, raised them as single moms. Mike and Lynn had a tough childhood, as they grew up in a rough neighborhood in Galveston, Texas. 

However, his mother raised them all under the right parenthood with the help of his grandparents and maternal uncle; as a result, all three of them were well-behaved. 

On June 16, 2016, Evans wished Kia a happy birthday with a picture of him, Kia, and his daughter on his Instagram.

Recently on November 25, Kia uploaded a vintage picture of her and her brother Mike when they were little kids, just like their children. “My bro Mikey looks like his son, and my daughter looks like me.” She wrote about the picture.

Kia Evans Is Active On TikTok

Kia Evans is quite active on TikTok and frequently uploads her videos on the platform.

She goes by the @badkitty777 on Tiktok, similar to her user name on her Instagram. It probably has to do with her love of kitties and mittens, or it might be a symbolic way to describe herself.

“Jesus Christ is my Lord & Savior”, Kia has written on her TikTok bio, which suggests she is from a Christian family. The whole Evans family follows Christianity. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike is also a devout Christian.

Other than that, Kia has 688 followers and more than five thousand likes on her TikTok videos. Most of her content is just herself doing Tiktok stuff in front of her camera like every other TikTok user, while few feature her daughter Kenny and husband Scott.

Her first video on Tiktok was uploaded in February 2021, a video dedicated to her mother, Heather Kilgore. Kia also does duets with other TikTokers and plays some games on her videos. 

After Marvel’s “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” trailer dropped in September, she made a video by applying a green she-hulk filter to the trailer music. Similarly, on Halloween this year, Kia uploaded a scary monster mask-filtered video of her shooting in front of a mirror. 

Kia L Evans Is Married To Scott Nolan

Kia L Evans is happily married to her husband Scott Nolan with whom she has a beautiful daughter Kennedy.

After dating for several years, Kia finally tied the wedding knot with her long-term boyfriend, Scott Nolan, in 2019. One Instagram user asked in the comment about the picture of Kia and Scoot she posted on January 31, 2019, about whether or not she was getting married, to which she replied, “I am.”

Kia Evans taking picture with her husband Scott Nolan while she was pregnant with her daughter Kennedy.
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Although she did not mention anything about her marriage, on February 12, 2019, post where she went to Bear Lake, Colorado with Scott, many of her close relatives who knew she got married commented on her pictures.

“Enjoy, guys! Let’s see what happens nine months from now.”, Kia replied with a winking emoji to this comment. Another user congratulated them and wrote, “Happy Honeymoon.”

On August 2020, Kia finally revealed her first baby bump picture. She was seven months pregnant and only 11 weeks ahead of the delivery. And on October 27, 2020, Kia and her family welcomed a baby girl Kennedy Margaret Nolan.

A month later, she took her newly born baby to a football game in November. Her NFL star brother Mike Evans was in action for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Kenny was wearing the Buccaneers jersey and a football with Mike Evans written on it. A true Tampa Bay fan was born.

NFL wide receiver Mike Evans family; from the left his grandmother, brother Donvo, mother Heather and sister Kia Evans.
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During her pregnancy and shortly after, Kia was highly stressed because of her overweight and the way she looked. However, she lost some weight with regular physical exercise and a proper diet and is back to her glory.

Apart from her husband and daughter, Kia has three pets, two dogs and a cat, that she counts as her family members. Her dog’s name is Rocky, and her cat’s name is Kimbo.

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