Who is Nanamhla Dalasile On Durban Gen? Pictures As Twitter Believes Actress Was Arrested

Nanamhla Dalasile arrested

According to reports, a South African actor has been detained. The news surfaced a few hours ago when published the reports of her arrest.

It is learned that Durban Gen cast Nanamhla Dalasile reportedly filed a complaint against her co-actor for stealing her laptop.

The arrest report is creating the rounds on the internet, notably on Twitter. Many fans of the show are astonished to learn such shocking news about their favorite characters.

Who is Nanamhla Dalasile On Durban Gen?

Nanamhla Dalasile is a South African actress who rose to prominence as part of the ensemble of Durban Gen, a medical drama series.

ETV's Durban Gen is a Durban-based series that depicts the daily hardships of doctors and nurses at Durban General Hospital.

The love scandal involving Uzalo performers has reached the courts.
The love scandal involving Uzalo performers has reached the courts.( Source : elegance7 )

Dalasile is one of the popular characters of the series. She is presently getting highlight with the news of her arrest.

Meanwhile, her laptop was recently reported stolen by one of her co-stars, according to the actress.

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Was Nanamhla Dalasile Arrested For Theft? Pictures On Twitter

A few pictures of Nanamhla Dalasile's arrest are viral on Twitter. It's not the first time the actress has ended herself in a police station over a relationship with a man she dated.

Nanamhla Dalasile, an actress who appears on ETV's Durban Gen, constantly seems to be surrounded by controversy.

nanamhla dalasile laptop got stolen from the set
nanamhla dalasile laptop got stolen from the set( Source : opera )

In 2021, it was reported that her former partner, Uzalo star Nyawo, whose true name is Cebolenkosi Mthembu, filed for a temporary protection order against her. 

In addition to that, Cebelenkosi Mthembu also claimed she was putting his life in jeopardy.

It has now been revealed that she was arrested by her recent ex-boyfriend. Her laptop and mobile were allegedly stolen by the actor who portrays Kgosi on Muvhango.

Tebatso Mashishi, a Muvhango actor, has been arrested and jailed. According to the Sunday World, his arrest came after his ex-girlfriend, Durban Gen actor Nanamhla Dalisile, filed a theft complaint against him.

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Nanamhla Dalasile Wikipedia Biography & Age 

Nanamhla Dalasile's professional achievements have yet to be documented on Wikipedia. Her complete biography, including her early years, family history, and performing credits, hasn't been featured.

When it comes to Nanahmhal Dalasile's age, she must be in her thirties right now. Her outward look suggests that she is pretty young.

Dalasile has kept her exact birth date and age a secret until now. She is trying to make a name for herself in the South African film industry.

Is There An Instagram Account For Nanamhla Dalasile?

During our research, we try to discover Nanamhla Dalasile's actual Instagram account. However, she does not appear to be active on social media.

The actress appears to keep a low profile, maintaining a distance from cyberspace. Still, she continues to make headlines frequently.

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