Rafał Zaorski Wikipedia Bio & Age - How Old Is The Polish Businessman

Rafal Zaorski is a Polish businessman whose Wikipedia states that he has brought together thousands of investors and is combating financial scammers. Meanwhile, he may brag about making millions of dollars on social media.

Rafal, the founder of TJS, frequently displayed in public how much money he had won in the financial markets.

As per the information, he claimed that throughout the Middle East crisis, he made a profit of almost $25 million, which is rather outstanding. Zaorski despises traders who benefit from teaching and advising because he feels that a true trader is someone who gets their living solely from the market.

Who Is RafaƂ Zaorski? Wikipedia Bio

According to Wikipedia, Rafal Zaorski is an entrepreneur as well as an individual trader who founded the renowned Trading Jam Session meetups.

He works with stock market speculation and rose to prominence as a result of his extraordinary results in the Forex market, which were made possible by his own speculative rune investing method.

The businessman is also the President of the Etendard Group and works for Krypto Jam SA, which provides services to stock exchanges and financial organizations. Zaorski's stock exchange and investing operations include more than just trading in the Forex market.

Image Of Rafal Zaorski

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The Age Of Rafal Zaorski Is 44 Years

Some reports suggest that Rafal Zaorski has turned just 44 years old. Rafal's Zota 44 is an uncontested symbol of the Polish housing market that Rafal opened.

Its shape is intrinsically linked to the Warsaw environment. It is a premium apartment building with a world-class reputation, designed by well-known architect Daniel Libeskind.

Zaorski is known as the "King of Polish Speculators." His fame began in 2015 when he demonstrated how he makes a million zlotys in a live report.

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Rafal Zaorski's Net Worth: 2022

Rafal Zaorski has a multimillion-dollar net worth. During one of his performances, he earned PLN 1 million, which drew the attention of currency market participants.

Rafal has given money to charity multiple times as a result of wise investments. Zaorski spent more than PLN 22 million on the property, which is located in the well-known Zota 44 building.

Zaorski is a well-known investor, sometimes known as a speculator, who purchased Poland's most costly luxury property.

Rafal In His New Home

Instagram of Rafal Zaorski Revealed

You can follow Rafal Zaorski on Instagram under the username @zaorski.rafal.

In the bio of his profile, he has written that the stock market has just one side, and it is not the bull or bear side, it is the real side.

Rafal has almost 48k followers on his ID and has followed just 170 people as of now. He is active on the platform, with 196 posts uploaded till now.