Who Is Shawn Dickerson? Missing Rainbow Family Member Case Update

Shawn Dickerson’s missing case has become a trending topic among Reddit users in recent times. Was his body found? People are curious to know about the boy from the rainbow family. Read the full article to know the latest updates about him.

On December 2, 2011, Shawn went to his work at Rolo, a men’s clothing superstore on Market Street, but he never returned home. Till now, no one knows where he disappeared. Did he die? Was he murdered?

His case left people with a lot of unanswered questions. The mysterious case caught the media’s attention at that time, and once again it has become a hot topic as CBC’s Dateline is trying to uncover some hidden truths about the incident.

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Reddit: Shawn Dickerson Missing Rainbow Family – Was His Body Found?

The Reddit community wants to know about Shawn Dickerson who went missing from the rainbow family in 2011. Was his body found? Scroll down to learn more about the case.

Dickerson vanished away on December 2, after notifying his family members that he was getting late for his work. On December 1, he left his office after receiving payment.

As per the police report, he left the superstore at 1:00 pm for lunch, but he never came back to the office, which made his manager call several times to him but he only responded at 11:30 pm to apologize to his boss.

The next day, on December 2, he left his room for work in a hurry. He was seen last time leaving his residence on Bartlett and 22nd street at 11:30 am. But, he neither reached his office nor came back to his home.

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Shawn Dickerson Age-How Old Was He?

Shawn Dickerson was 23 years of age at the time of missing. He would have been 34 years of age by 2022.

After Shawn got missing, his family filed the case on December 6, 2011, at San Fransisco Police Department. As per the police, he left everything in his room including his keys, sunglasses, clothes, etc.

Since that day, the police have tried everything to track down his phone and call records, but haven’t found any clue. He made his last call to his neighbor at 1:14 am, on the day he got disappeared.

Shawn Dickerson Family Details

Shawn Dickerson’s family has tried it all to find their missing child. In particular, his mother, Trisha Brucker, is still hoping to get back her son.

As per Dickerson’s close ones, he was suffering from some mental illness, autism, or Asperger’s syndrome. His girlfriend hinted that he committed suicide.


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