Rishi Sunak Kids: How Old Is Daughter Krishna Sunak?

Rishi Sunak, a prominent politician in the British parliament, has two kids from his wife, Akshata Murty.

After Boris Johnson’s departure and Penny Mordaunt’s withdrawal from the race for the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak is the front-runner to take over the role.

Rishi Sunak, who had previously served as Britain’s minister of finance, overcame his lone surviving opponent, Penny Mordaunt, on Monday, October 24, paving the way for him to become the next prime minister of Great Britain.

After an extended period of unprecedented political and financial market upheaval, the next Prime Minister, Sunak, will be faced with the formidable task of restoring stability to the country’s image. However, his second responsibility, guiding the nation through the current economic downturn, is likely to be just as challenging.

Rishi Sunak is now seen as the clear front-runner to succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister of the UK. This news comes only six weeks after Liz Truss defeated him in the last campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Rishi Sunak is set to be the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom replacing Liz Truss.
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How Many Kids Does Rishi Sunak Have?

Rishi Sunak, the next UK Prime Minister, is often spotted in public with his wife and kids on the streets of Britain.

In 2009, he tied the knot with the Indian fashion designer and entrepreneur Akshata Murty, also the daughter of the billionaire N. R. Narayana Murthy. The founder and current CEO of Infosys, Narayana Murty, is now ranked as the sixth richest person in India.

The pair welcomed two baby girls. Their first daughter is named Krishna and the second one is called Anoushka. Although the two children are kept hidden from public view, they briefly appeared on their father, Rishi Sunak’s recent election trail against Liz Truss.

Meanwhile, the former British Chancellor, his wife Akshata Murthy, and their two adorable daughters live in several lavish properties in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. A mansion in London, a villa in North Yorkshire, a beachfront bungalow in Santa Monica, California, and a cozy apartment in the heart of London are all part of this person’s real estate portfolio.

In addition, Sunak has a home in Kensington, located in the heart of London. This is where he resides while he attends meetings in Parliament or the House of Commons. The family spends most of their time here in the capital city. However, they return to their home in North Yorkshire on the weekends.

Furthermore, it is believed the two baby kids of Conservative Party Member of Parliament Rishi Sunak, Krishna and Anoushka, attend the same exclusive all-girls elementary school, Glendower Prep in South Kensington, London, as Harper Beckham. Harper is the daughter of David Beckham.

Rishi Sunak celebrating Christmas with his kids Anoushka and Krishna wife Akshata Murthy.
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How Old Is Daughter Krishna Sunak? Rishi Sunak Children Age

Rishi Sunak has two daughters, Anoushka and Krishna Sunak. Currently, they both are young in age.

Anoushka has a gorgeous sister who goes by the name of Krishna Sunak. Since their father has chosen to stay out of the public spotlight, very little information about the Sunak sisters, including their ages, is known. Consequently, it is presently unclear how old Krishna Sunak is.

On the other hand, judging from their looks, they seem considerably younger, perhaps between the ages of 10 and 12. Harper Beckham, David Beckham’s daughter whom the two Sunak sisters share a school is 11 years old.

She was born on July 10, 2011. As a consequence, it is reasonable to assume that Krishna Sunak is somewhere in the vicinity of that age. Her parents, Rishi and Akshata Murthy tied the knot in 2009; therefore, it is highly probable that they welcomed their first child into the world within a year or two of their wedding.

Meanwhile, Krishna’s father, Rishi, the next PM of the United Kingdom, was born on May 12, 1980, and is forty and two years old. Whereas her life partner and wife, Akshata Murty, born Akshata Narayan Murty in April 1980, is the same age as Rishi.

Rishi Sunak, aged 42, said aid he is lucky to have found the time for his daughters when they were newborns.
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Rishi Sunak Personal Life, Wife And Family Facts

Rishi Sunak met his wife, Akshata Murthy, at Stanford University. They fall in love, and now they parents two children.

They were acquainted with each other while attending college together at Stanford in the United States, tied the knot in 2009, and are now the proud parents of Anoushka and Krishna.

Murty was born and raised in Karnataka, India as the daughter of an Indian typhoon N R Narayana Murthy. Because of her position in his father’s corporation, she holds 700 million pounds of shares.

Akshata subsequently earned her master’s degree in business administration from Stanford University after completing her undergraduate work in economics and French at the prestigious Claremont McKenna College in California.

Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata family are from Indian ethnicity and follows Hinduism. The  two often goes to temple.
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In 2007, she established her own fashion business under Akshata Designs; however, the company failed after just a few short years. Additionally, Ms. Murty serves as the director of the venture capital business her father established.

Similar to Akshata, Rishi is also of Indian origin of Punjabi ethnicity. Born in Southampton, England, Rishi’s parents Yashvir and Usha Sunak, are African-born Hindus. He has two younger siblings.

His father was from Kenya, while his mother was from present-day Tanzania. His grandparents were Punjabi and were Indian residents when India was colonized by the British.

Some FAQs

Who are Rishi Sunak kids?

Rishi Sunak has two kids from his marriage with wife Akshata Murthy. They are both daughters, Anoushka and Krishna.

When was Rishi Sunak married to Akshata?

Akshata met Rishi Sunak while they were studying at Stanford University. They fell in love and tied the knot in 2009.

Where does Rishi Sunak children study?

Former British Chancellor Rishi Sunak sends his daughter to Glendower Prep in South Kensington. David Beckham’s daughter also attends the school.

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