Was Highland Park Mass Shooting Suspect Robert Crimo On 2010 silver Honda Fit Car? Vehicle Details

Robert Bobby Crimo At His House

The police have arrested Robert "Bobby" Crimo, the shooting suspect in the mass shooting that took place at the Fourth of July parade in Highland Park that took the lives of six people and injured more than two dozen people on U.S. 41 in Lake Forest.

The suspect in a fatal July Fourth attack in Highland Park that left six people dead is believed to be an aspiring rapper who released violent recordings showing disturbing acts of violence.

After a hectic day of seeking on Monday, Robert "Bobby" E. Crimo III, 22, was apprehended just before 7 p.m. local time after a brief pursuit about six miles from the shooting.

The silver Honda Fit that authorities claim Crimo was driving was shown in television news footage stopped at an intersection with its doors open.

Suspect: Robert Crimo Was On a 2010 Silver Honda Fit With Plate Number IL DM80653

Robert "Bobby" Crimo, 22, has been named by the police as a person of interest in the Highland Park mass shooting. Crimo was driving a 2010 silver Honda Fit with the Illinois license plate IL DM80653.

Highland Park Police Chief Jogmen claimed that when North Chicago police attempted to pull over Crimo's car for a traffic stop near Buckley Road and U.S. Route 41, he sped away.

When the North Chicago police called for extra assistance, Crimo's car was stopped about six miles distant, close to Westleigh Road and U.S. 41. Charges were pending as of Monday night while police continued their investigation after he was brought into custody without incident.

Robert Crimo 2010 Silver Honda Fit: Was It A Licensed Car? Was It His Father's Car?

The 2010 Silver Honda Fit which was used by the Highland Park Fourth of July parade shooting suspect, Robert Crimo, was a licensed car. The car was most probably his car although there are no confirmed reports.

He was apprehended following a brief pursuit after being noticed by a North Chicago police officer. According to police chief Lou Jogmen, Crimo got transported to the Highland Park police station.

Authorities said that the shooter opened fire on the parade from a rooftop, and they claim to have found a firearm at the scene.

At first, they refrained from referring to Crimo as a suspect, instead designating him as a "person of interest," although they added that the FBI was providing a reward for information.

Was Robert Crimo On Social Media?

Crimo, who went by the name Awake the Rapper on social media, was apprehended roughly seven hours after a sniper attack that left six people dead and many more injured.

His social media presence revealed that he is a fan of professional wrestling and video games. The majority of Crimo's social media profiles and some of his videos have a symbol that is similar to the one used by the far-right Finnish group Suomen Sisu.

Crimo does not, however, appear to make any reference to the national organization in his postings. Additionally, he oversaw the "SS" Discord channel, which has since been deleted.