Roger Goodell Siblings Tim Goodell and Michael Goodell

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has five siblings in the family. Tim Goodell and Michael Goodell are two of his brothers.

Roger parents Charles and Jean married in 1954 and Bill Goodell was their first child. Eventually, they welcomed four more children, Roger, Michael, Jeff, and Tim Goodell.

Their dad was a United States Senator, and he also practiced law. Furthermore, Bill and Tim followed the late politician’s footsteps and became a lawyer, unlike Roger, who played sports growing up and became the commissioner of the National Football League. 

Roger Goodell Has Four Siblings

Roger Goodell has four siblings Michael Goodell, Jeff Goodell, Bill Goodell and Tim Goodell.

The five brothers share a very close bond and are proud of each other’s achievements. Furthermore, they have always protected each other from anything and everything while growing up.

Tim, Roger, Jeff, and Michael (from left) toured an exhibit at the Robert H. Jackson Center.
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Michael came out as an LGBTQ after college, and Roger would fight with everyone who bullied him. The commissioner of the National Football League would beat the crap out of people who oppressed his brother.

Furthermore, all Goodells have accomplished in their expertise. Bill, the oldest brother, is the chief operating officer of Lee Ainslie’s $9 billion hedge fund firm Maverick Capital. He was also the chairman of the Managed Funds Association in 2012 and 2013. Likewise, the youngest, Jeff, who lives in Portland, Maine, with his family, was recently the head of the upper school at Saint Mary’s Hall in San Antonio, Texas. 

Roger Goodell Elder Brother Tim Goodell Is A Lawyer

Tim Goodell is a lawyer who serves as the senior/executive vice president & general counsel of the Hess Corporation.

The lawyer leads the Legal function, Corporate Aviation, Government and External Affairs, Compliance, and Security of the company. He also helped the firm defend itself against Paul Singer, an activist investor, and his hedge fund firm, Elliott Management.

Tim Goodell works at Hess Corporation.
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Before joining Hess, Tim spent 24 years with the New York City-based law firm, served as global co-head of the Mergers & Acquisitions Practice Group, and was a member of the Partnership Committee.

Furthermore, he also worked with the Washington, D.C.-based business consultancy Strategic Planning Associates from 1979 to 1981, per his biography on the official website of Hess. Moreover, Goodell earned his bachelor’s degree from Davidson College and his J.D. from the University of Virginia. 

Michael Goodell Is A Pilates Instructor

Michael Goodell, who has been very open about his sexuality, is a pilates instructor in the Los Angeles area.

Michael Goodell with his significant other, Jack Kenny.
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He is a Level 4 Pilates teacher married to Jack Kenny, an American writer, director, actor, and producer known for creating “The Book of Daniel.” a short-lived NBC series. 

Michael and Jack have been together since August 1982, and they legally got married in July 2008 in California. Furthermore, 2022 marked the couple’s 14 blissful years of married life and four decades of togetherness.

Inside Roger Goodell Family Tree

Roger Goodell comes from an influential family of seven, including his mom, dad, and five brothers.

The commissioner of the National Football League has a maverick U.S. senator, the general counsel of a Fortune 100 company, and the chief operating officer of a major hedge fund firm in his clan. 

A picture of Roger and his family.
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Furthermore, his father, Charles, taught his children the business of lobbying and some of his sons walked in his footsteps to become lawyers. Moreover, Roger shares a twin daughter with his wife, the former Fox News Channel anchor Jane Skinner. 

Roger Goodell Parents Are Charles Goodell And Jean Rice Goodell

Roger Goodell was born to his parents, Charles Goodell and Jean Rice Goodell, in 1959, in Jamestown, New York, U.S.

Charles is the most famous Goodell, who gained national prominence as a Republican U.S. senator in the late 1960s. He challenged President Richard Nixon on the Vietnam War and

The late senator served as a U.S. representative in western New York from Jamestown and left the House in 1968 after getting appointed to the Senate to replace Robert F. Kennedy.

Young Roger with his late father, Charles Goodell.
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However, he lost his Senate seat in 1970 and practiced law after leaving Congress for two years; the elder Goodell was an alma mater of Yale Law School. Later, he became the chairman of a lobbying firm, DGA International. 

His late mother was a staff nurse at Millard Fillmore Hospital from 1952 to 1954. She graduated from Bennett High School and received her R.N. from Millard Fillmore Hospital School of Nursing in 1952.

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