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Who Is Shlomo Haart? Julia Haart's Son Biography Details

Shlomo Haart is best recognized as the eldest son of the CEO of Elite World Group, Julia Haart
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Shlomo Haart is 27 years of age and was born in 1995 to Yosef Hendler and Julia Haart. Haart real name is Shlomo Hendler.

He is a BA graduate of Columbia University and was the treasurer for Students Supporting Israel.

His mother, Julia, is the subject of the Netflix reality series My Unorthodox Life. However, the show also centers around him and his siblings, Batsheva, Aron, and Miriam.

Shlomo, in particular, piqued the interest of My Orthodox Life viewers because of how he adhered to the Orthodox style of courting and practiced abstinence until marriage. 

My Unorthodox Life Shlomo Haart Age And Birthday

Shlomo Haart is 27 years old and was born on 12 November 1995 to his father Yosef Hendler and his mother Julia Haart. 

His real name is Shlomo Hendler and his birthday falls in the Autumn season. He is a Scorpio.

Haart's parents divorced twenty-three years after marriage. Although Shlomo questioned several time-honored traditions, he did not seem to mind his parents' separation, unlike his other siblings.

When Shlomo's mother escaped the Jewish society, her children were not at the age to understand the reason. Later all of her four children came to terms with their mother's desires, and they share a pretty good relationship. 

He is the second oldest child and the oldest son in his family. He has two younger siblings and an older sister. The eldest of the siblings and a TikTok star with over a million followers is Batsheva. 


Soon after Julia took a leave from the Jewish community, Batsheva, then- 19 years old, married Binyamin Ben Weinstein. To find her interest and follow it as a career, Batsheva had to experiment in various professions and try many new things because she did not receive any secular education while growing up. 

She is a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, a lifestyle blogger, and a wife.

Miriam and Aron, Shlomo's younger siblings, are 22 and 16, respectively, as of 2022. Miriam is an enthusiast for cognitive science who has created over 11 iOS applications. And the youngest of the group, Aron, a high school student, struggles to balance the amalgam of his conventional and modern upbringing. 

Shlomo's mother, Julia, is now married to Silvio Scaglia, and his father tied the knot with Aliza Schulhof.

Shlomo Haart Law School

Shlomo Haart is interested in law school but has yet to enroll in any college for a law degree.

He was a student at Rockland Community College and joined the International Summer program at the University of Cambridge and was studying sociology and genetics major in 2017.


Shlomo transferred to Columbia University a year later and walked the stage in April 2021 to receive his BA degree in political science and government. He originally intended to register as a financial economics major at Columbia. Nonetheless, he later changed his mind.

To get into Columbia, he joined the Honors Program at Rockland and was at the Tutoring Center daily. The 27-year-old became involved with Hillel and the Friends of Israel Club to balance his studies and social life.

Shlomo Haart Girlfriend

Shlomo Haart does not have a girlfriend and has never dated anyone.

Haart experienced his first kiss while filming My Unorthodox Life. He is adamant about dating a girl he sees as someone he can share his future with. Anyone he dates is likely to be his future wife.

In the show, he reveals, "In the world I'm from, dating is meant for marriage." 

While it's unknown if he's dating anyone right now, his mother, Julia, is very frank with her children in discussing taboo topics such as physical relationships. 


"When my kids asked me a question, even at my most fundamentalist, I never lied," she said in an interview with Oprah Daily. "I have always believed that if a person is old enough to pose a question, they are also old enough to understand the answer."

Shlomo is @shlomohaart on Instagram, with over 67.8K followers. He is an adventure-seeking person and a travel fanatic in his Instagram photos.

On his social media, Shlomo has shared his experiences of skydiving, snowboarding, scuba diving through caves in the Mediterranean, and more. Alongside this, Shlomo is a talented dancer as well. He is not determined to pursue dance as a career, but he never passes up the chance to shake his body.

What Does Shlomo Haart Do?

Shlomo Haart is an actor in the reality series My Unorthodox Life and appears alongside his family.

He is best recognized as the eldest son of the CEO of Elite World Group, Julia Haart. The series debuted on 14 July 2021 and gives viewers a look into his mother's personal and professional life.

My Unorthodox Life features Shlomo intending to strike a balance between living a devotedly Jewish life and learning about some contemporary cultures. According to The New York Jewish Week, he still observes Shabbat but has recently ceased donning a kippah (or yarmulke).

At first, he stayed in Monsey with his father, Yosef Hendler. He later went to New York City to live with his mother (his parents were divorced then) to receive a better education.