Who Is Sibongile Nkabinde? Everything To Know About South African Musician Zola 7 Ex-Wife

Sibongile Nkabinde, an ex-wife of the well-known South African musician Zola 7, mustered the courage to speak about their sixteen years marriage relationship and how he treated her as a husband. She unveiled the intolerable pain and abysmal moments she went through as a responsible wife to him. Stick with the article to learn more about their relationship and know her family. 

Sibongile Nkabinde is an ex-wife of the well-recognized South African musician Zola 7. She was a responsible wife and was always there for him during his abysmal turnout. He never appreciated her support and umpteen love for him. She could only visit her ex-husband once a weekend. 

Their toxic relationship lasted for sixteen years because of her lenient and stalwart personality. The singer never fulfilled his responsibility as a husband, and he dared to deny their sixteen-year husband-wife relationship. Her heart broke thousands of times because of his toxicity. 

She never exposed his evil side to the public to help him maintain his status quo. She was afraid to speak about reality as people are completely blind by the unrealistic love for celebrities. She mustered the courage to stand for herself and her three children and expose his true personality to the general media. 

Who Is Sibongile Nkabinde? Everything To Know About South African Musician Zola 7 Ex-Wife 

Sibongile Nkabinde is a strong, bold, and courageous woman who knows how to stand for herself and speak herself. She believed in her map of the soul created by her indomitable spirit and took that path to expose reality. People know her as an ex-wife of South African musician Zola 7. 

She was married to him for sixteen years, and she tolerated umpteen pain and heartbroken phases all those years. She was an understanding and supportive wife to him. She was happy with her husband even though he never appreciated her archangelic presence as his wife. 

She revealed that he packed her at his mother’s house in Dobsonvile and went to stay at Melville. She has a golden heart with a flawless personality. How can one have the audacity to break that golden heart with toxic behavior? She deserves enormous love and support from the public. 

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Sibongile Nkabinde Children

Sibongile Nkabinde has three loving children with Zola 7. He rejected her as a wife and kicked her out of his mother’s house. Even after they fell apart, he sent her rude messages, insulting her existence. She made the prudent decision to get separated. 

He only offers R1000 as maintenance money for his three children. The amount is way too less for the children. A successful career doesn’t make a person great but having a good heart and a lenient personality makes you a thousand times better. 

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Sibongile Nkabinde Net Worth Explored

Sibongile Nkabinde has not divulged her source of income to the general media. Her profession is unknown. She might be living a happy life with her children as the greatest wealth one can have is to spend quality time with their nearest and loving ones. She is a real queen who tolerated enough toxicity. 

Unleashing herself from the darkness is the best decision she has ever made. Her loyal heart went through a lot during those sixteen years. The most precious wealth to a mother is her children, and she has what she aggrandizes the most. 

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