The Hidden Truth On Michael Anderson 911 Call - Stephen Starr Hickory Nc Murder Timeline

Michael Anderson 911 Call, a gruesome murder on 14 February 2011

The accused murderer, 19-year-old Michael Anderson, can be heard informing the 911 operator that he killed his roommate, 36-year-old Stephen Starr, in a 911 conversation made public on 15 February 2011. Anderson clued up 911 that he had consumed cough medicine before the murder, which he designated as a reason to have savagely killed and eviscerated his roommate. 

He further confessed in the call that he shot Starr three times, then dismembered his body with an ax. The victim and the perpetrator shared a house just south of the Hickory city limits, on Ruth Drive, the location of the murder. Later, with forthcoming investigations and reports, it was found that the murder had roots in sexual advances. The authorities called this case one of the cold murders in history.

The Untold Truth On Michael Anderson 911 Call

The most gruesome confession of murder in history, Michael Anderson's 911 call in mid-February 2011, is still in the spark of discussion a decade after the incident. Anderson confronted in the ring that he slaughtered his roommate Stephen Starr, shooting him a handful of times and then mangling his body with an ax.

Anderson was 19 years old then, and Starr was 36. Because Anderson wanted to experiment with being bisexual, he went to a gay club and met Starr. They instantly hit it off, and he agreed after Starr offered Anderson to move in with him. The two lived on Ruth Drive just south of the Hickory city limits.

After a few days of moving in, Anderson claimed he was back to being straight and did not want to associate with Starr anymore. He didn't like the gay lifestyle. Regardless, Anderson contended that Starr kept making sexual advances to him, leading him to murder Starr brutally. It also came on the news that Anderson overdosed on cough medicine, which induced him to commit the crime. According to sources, he had taken 19 pills, and his mind went distorted with the high LSD acid condition. 

"I took some pills, and um, the pills made me go mad, and um, I murdered my roommate," Anderson can be heard confessing in the 911 call.

"I shot him three times, then used an ax and mutilated his body."

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Michael Anderson, Murder Case Timeline

Michael Anderson has been the talk of the town since 2011 after he heinously murdered his roommate in February 2011. The so-called roommates had an unclear relationship as they crossed the path in a gay club, and Anderson wanted to try being bisexual but later forfeited. Nonetheless, it was found that their unclear relationship is what led to the homicide. 

Anderson had made a Facebook post at 4:04 am on 14 February 2011 that read, "God forgive me of my sins of which I have done plz let your holy name be with me as I got to the heavenly place they will not take me alive my killing starts tonight I kill one by one hopefully I kill more than one though it seems that I would rather want to kill a lot more you know oh well one will do I guess if you get in my way, you will be next."

Ten minutes later, he posted another status, "I finally cracked, guys. I did it this time, guys." And thirty minutes later, Anderson was on the call with 911 and confessed to killing Starr, probably the "crack" Anderson mentioned on his Facebook.


"Um. I want to report something"; Anderson started the call and divulged how he shot Starr and cut off his body with an ax. "I killed my roommate. I can t believe I just killed my roommate. My life is ruined," Anderson pleaded guilty to murder in the call and stated he had taken pills that made him lose his mind.

Moreover, Anderson can be heard reiterating, "I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do," and "oh Lord, I don't know why I did it" several times during the nearly 7-minute call. He even regretted spoiling the telecommunicator's night toward the end of the ring. Furthermore, he commented about how much blood was on his hands and that he needed to go to a mental hospital.

Anderson was instructed to wait for the police in a chair near the front door of his house by the 911 operator; interestingly, he followed. He was immediately taken into custody after the phone call and charged with the murder count.

Stephen Starr Hickory Post-Mortem Report

Stephen Starr's body, post the murder, was barely hanging intact. The sight can hardly be perceived with a sober mind.

His head was barely liaged in its place and had one of his arms almost entirely severed. Furthermore, his left ear was partially cut off, and he had dozens of stab wounds on his body. Starr was revealed to have been shot once in the head and twice in the chest.


Although the blood was discovered all over the house where the deceased was found, the officials claimed there was no evidence of a struggle observing the crime scene. According to investigators, Anderson used a hatchet to etch a word onto Starr's body and a pen to write other words. The investigators refused to give any information about the writings.