Where Is Tye Stephens Today? Roberta Williams Son Has Been In Troubles Before

Tye Stephens is the son of the former gangland wife, Roberta Williams. Where is he now? 

Roberta Williams, the widow of the underworld gang leader Carl Williams, was recently involved in an assault involving the filmmaker Ryan Naumenko. But she wasn’t officially charged as the judge thought she didn’t directly assault the victim. Williams will be under supervision for two years for her mental health. 

Naumenko was making a reality show, “Mob Wives,” based on the story of Roberta Williams. The shooting started in 2019, and the show was set to premiere on Netflix soon. But the gangland widow hired men to assault the filmmaker because she thought he owed her money. 

Where Is Tye Stephens Today? Roberta Williams Son Whereabouts

Tye Stephens is currently out of jail even though he was arrested several times. 

Moreover, the eldest son of Roberta Williams has a history of getting into trouble. He had been arrested quite a lot of times in the past. The most recent of his arrest in reported in 2016. 

At the time, he was sentenced to more than three months in prison after pleading guilty to charges related to a firearm, ice, handling stolen goods, and dealing with $2380 in suspected proceeds of crime.

Stephens served more than 90 days over a 23-hour lockdown for his safety. He was deemed dangerous, and his family history made him famous among the prisoners. He completed his jail time at Port Phillip’s high-security Charlotte Unit.

As of now, he is out of prison and pretty far away from the infamous spotlight. 

Who Is Roberta Williams? Son Tye Age And Wikipedia Bio

Roberta Williams is best known for being the widow of the underworld drug trafficker Carl Williams. 

Her husband was a significant figure in the underworld crime in Australia and was also involved in gangland shootings in Melbourne in 2010. He was killed by a cellmate when he was in custody in 2011. 

Following her husband’s demise, Roberta has become the subject of many documentaries and reality shows where she shared her life story. One of the recent shows associated with her was “Mob Wives,” which was set to release on Netflix. 

However, the show turned reverse when Roberta kidnapped, assaulted, and blackmailed the filmmaker for money. The 53-year-old was recently summoned to the court, but the gangland widow avoided the prison sentence. The judge decided that she had to be free to take care of his 8-year-old kid who needed special needs. 

Roberta Williams surrounded by reporters as she comes out of the court not convicted for assaulting her filmmaker
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Roberta Williams Children And Family: What Did She Do?

Roberta Williams is a mother of four children. 

Moreover, she was married to a convicted criminal until 2010. The couple shared a daughter, Dhakota Willaims. She is currently 21 years old. 

In addition, Roberta already had a son, Tye Stephens, and a daughter, Danielle Stephens, from her previous marriage. She also has an 8-year-old son who reportedly requires special needs and attention. 

The 53-year-old is recently in the spotlight because she hired men to assault a showrunner who was making a reality documentary out of her life. As per court documents, the filmmaker was tied to a chair, harassed, and blackmailed for more than 3 years. 

However, Williams wasn’t charged for the assault as she wasn’t directly involved in it. Also, she has a son who requires special attention. The widow of Carl Williams won’t be doing any community service either. 

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