What Happened To Destoni On Dr Phil? 14-year-old Aggressive Daughter Of Melissa Details

Destoni, the daughter of Melissa, is an out-of-control teenager who appeared on Dr. Phil.

For those not introduced to Dr. Phil, it is an American Talk show created by Oprah Winfrey that offers life strategies. The show’s host, Dr. Phillip Calvin McGraw, is an experienced clinical psychologist with more than 25 years of experience. He helps those with mental illness, anger management issues, PTSD, and many more.

Destoni, who has problems controlling her rage, appeared on Dr. Phil on June 7, 2022. She was assisted in episode 101, titled Destoni’s Drama: Will She Accept Help?

Destoni’s Wikipedia- Who Is The 14-year-old Aggressive Daughter Of Melissa?

Destoni is a 14-year-old teenager and a student. She is the daughter of Melissa, an ordinary mother who thinks of her child’s future.

The teenager has an anger management issue at a very young age. Her aggressive behavior even expelled her from two different schools.

According to the Dr. Phil episode, Destoni provided violent threats to her classmates and teachers. She was a bully who had difficulty making friends. Moreover, she was unable to focus on her studies and daily jobs.


In between the episode, Phil asks Desoni: ‘What gives you permission to take a butcher knife and chase somebody?’. Then, she acknowledges that she used a butcher knife to chase the babysitter of her younger sister because they “sort of annoyed” her.

She also admits that she was expelled from each school she attended because of her violent actions.

Destoni says: ‘When I get mad, I only mean to take it to, like, an debate, but then it gets into punching, striking, knocking my head into things.’

Melissa and Destoni’s grandmother, Michelle, say they are frightened about where Destoni’s destructive path would lead. As a result, they appeared on Dr. Phil, hoping to fix the issues with their teenage daughter. 

What Happened To Destoni On Dr. Phil? 

Destoni’s anger issue began between the age of 3 and 4, she says in Dr. Phil’s episode. Her behavior turned after kindergarten, and the situation worsened as she aged.

As a child, Destoni saw her mom getting beaten by her father. Also, her dad left and went to prison. All these situations disturbed her young brain, and she began demonstrating her emotions through anger. Similarly, the teenager says she and her mom don’t get along, as her mom blames her for everything.


Upon hearing everything from both the mother and daughter, Phil concluded that it was not just Destoni’s problem but also her mother’s. He equally blames Melissa for the situation and claims the family unit is dysfunctional.

Accoridng to Dr. Phil, Melissa should not brawl with her daughter, as it could only lead to bigger fights. Similarly, she should not threaten Destoni to take her into foster care.

Where Is Destoni Now?

Destoni was called for a follow-up by Dr. Phil on June 12, 2022. She was sent to the Center For Discovery’s RTC family program.

The RTC stands for Residential treatment, which helps people to entirely focus on their recovery without the external stressors of life back home. The program also allows individuals to socialize and learn in a real-world setting. 

Destoni is now learning to control anger with the Center For Discovery, as per the recent episode. We will hear from Dr. Phil about her progress in a later show.

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