What Happened To Jon Hill 2022? Was Jaclyn Hill Ex Husband In A Car Accident?

Jon Hill during his photoshoot

A well-known American drummer and YouTube celebrity, Jon. Hill has been playing the drums for so long that he began practicing at the age of twelve, and recently, rumors of his death after a car accident are circulating over the internet.

He gained notoriety after getting married to a well-known makeup artist. Throughout his career, he has made a sizable sum of money.

Jaclyn and Jon Hill made their separation public in 2018. Jaclyn shared the news with her followers on Instagram after nine years of dating. It had been one of their most complex decisions ever, she said in a post dated May 2018.

What Happened To Jon Hill In 2022?

Although there is no confirmed information about the death of Jon Hill in a car accident today, we are monitoring the situation because there may be reliable information available.

Jon Hill greatly liked it after receiving a set of drums for his birthday. He then began playing rock concerts for numerous bands. Jon also worked as a bartender and an electrician. Additionally, in 2019 he also had an album released. Rebirth is the title of the album. In addition, the album, which was released in January 2019, contained eight tracks.


With all of this talent, he eventually turned to YouTube. It's a platform that has elevated several people to fame. Given this, Jon decided to create a YouTube channel. He uploads a lot of drum cover videos on the track.

The drummer has a successful career and earns a good living. However, we lack precise information regarding Jon's net worth. We also don't know how much money he makes annually in compensation, which is another omission.

Jaclyn Hill Ex-Husband Jon Hill Death News

Jaclyn Hill was the wife of Jon Hill. Long-lasting relationship between the two. The wedding was settled on August 29, 2009. The pair was content with one another. Hill is a well-known YouTuber as well. She thus frequently included her hubby in her videos. However, Jon is rumored to be dead in a car accident.

Furthermore, Jon's YouTube channel has a video of their wedding. There were almost a million views of the video. To view the video, click the link. The pair appeared to be content with their union. The couple did not have any children, though. Sadly, the relationship has already come to an end. The connection expired in May 2018.


Jaclyn and Jaclyn Hill divorced for any reason. However, Jon's addiction issue was the primary cause of the divorce. In an interview, he explained the cause of the breakup and expressed his sadness.

The divorce of the power couple was also the subject of numerous disputes. They were allegedly cheating on each other, according to some sources. But all of these rumors were false, and they were all just a marketing stunt.

Jon Hill New Girlfriend In Shock From Death News And Twitter Tribute

Jon Hill has already found someone to fall in love with. Ashlyn Vanhorn, his fiancée, is in disbelief as word of his boyfriend's passing spreads throughout the internet.

We lack information regarding the beginning of their relationship, nevertheless. Additionally, nothing is known about Jon Hill's and his current girlfriend Ashlyn Vanhorn's dating history.

We know Jon's ex-wife and new girlfriend are not getting along and frequently make videos criticizing one another.