Who Is Jillian Epperly? Jilly Juice CEO And Net Worth Explained, What Happened To Jilly Juice?

CEO Of Jilly Juice, Jillian Mai THi Epperly Promoting Her Drink
CEO Of Jilly Juice, Jillian Mai THi Epperly Promoting Her Drink( Source : knowyourmeme )

Many viewers are curious to know about a well-known Jilly Juice drink. In this article, let's learn about Jilly Juice, Juice's Net Worth, Jilly Juice's death, and the lawsuit.

Jillian Mai Thi Epperly, who has no scientific or medical experience, created Jilly Juice in 2016. She told doctors that Jilly Juice could cure a wide range of ailments.

People have attacked her for absurd allegations, & some have gone far as to declare many of her statements were offensive.

Despite having no evidence of effectiveness, a Facebook group for Jilly Juice was formed in 2017. Although the organization is no longer active, it formerly had over 58,000 members. However, Jilly Juice's official website is still active.


What Is Jilly Juice?

Jilly Juice is a fermented drink and alternative medicine that claims to cure and reverse illnesses like aging, cancer, HIV, Autism, psoriasis, Candida infections, and Down syndrome.

Jilly Juice Recipe Creator Claims This Juice Can Regrow Limbs And Cure Homosexuality
Jilly Juice Recipe Creator Claims This Juice Can Regrow Limbs And Cure Homosexuality ( Source : metro )

According to Epperly, the "power of Jilly Juice" can alter the biochemistry of LGBTQ people. In a Facebook post, she claimed that a "body mutation causes gender identity."
The juice's developer has even claimed that it can cure homosexuality and recover missing limbs.

The juice is made entirely of water, salt, and fermented cabbage or kale at room temperature. According to proponents, Jilly Juice is made with two cups of water, a spoonful of pink or sea salt, and two cups of cabbage or kale.

This liquor has not been demonstrated to work and is not FDA-approved. It is strongly suggested to avoid drinking Jilly Juice due to its extraordinarily high sodium level, as its consumption has resulted in significant health harm or even death.


Jilly Juice Net Worth: How Much Is It Earning?

As of August 27, 2022, Jilly Juice Net Worth is still unknown on the internet and social media.

However, we dig deep to find out deep to know Jilly Juice's earnings, but currently, there is not much more data.

Jilly Juice used to earn $5 a month or $30 annually to join the membership to get her recipe and guidance. She also offered private offers private consultations for $70 an hour.

Many people and the media have criticized this juice on the internet. Only a few people have given positive feedback on this, Jilly.

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What Happened To Jilly Juice?

Jilly Juice is forced to shut down because it contains a high amount of sodium, which can create many health problems.

Jilly Juice Is High In Sodium Which Create Lots Of Health Issue
Jilly Juice Is High In Sodium Which Create Lots Of Health Issue ( Source : youtube )

The components in Jilly Juice aren't necessarily harmful, but her claims about them are. She told Dr. Phil that, despite the lack of statistics or proof, she believes the juice may cure cancer and autism and even help individuals live to be 400 years old.

However, one man who relied on Jilly Juice after a cancer diagnosis discovered it was ineffective.

Jilly Juice, LLC has a 2.48-star rating from 296 reviews, showing that most customers are generally unsatisfied with their purchases.

Juice, LLC customers, regularly complain about cabbage water, explosive diarrhea, and medical training issues. Jilly Juice, LLC is ranked 47th in Vitamins & Supplements websites category.

Detail To Know About Jilly Juice Death And Lawsuit

Bruce Wilmot, diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer, passed away in the summer of 2017 after drinking Jilly Juice.

Wilmot's daughter Taylor characterized him as "emaciated," saying that he "drank so much of it that he was starving himself." Everything was pouring out as diarrhea.

In a video response to his death, Epperly stated that Wilmot did not take enough Jilly Juice and that he "really should have kept going." His medications, pineapple juice consumption, or the medical industry may have contributed to his death.

Later, Epperly stated that she "cannot be held liable" for deaths caused by her product and that "correlation does not imply causation." 

Jilly Juice CEO Age: How Old Is She?

As of 2022, Jilly Juice CEO Jillian Mai Thi Epperly is in her 40s or 50s. However, her date of birth has not yet been mentioned online.

Epperly was born in Vietnam and moved to the United States in May 1975. She was under two years old when her American parents adopted her.

The CEO argues that a substance known as candida causes sickness in the body. According to Epperly, drinking a gallon of Jilly Juice every day can be used to treat any handicap or disease.