Who Is Benny Safdie Wife Ava Safdie? Meet The Lovely Couple & Family

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Benny Safdie and his Wife Ava Safdie are close to a decade of their marriage. Learn what we know about them. 

Benjamin Safdie is an American film director, screenwriter, actor, and film editor best known for collaborating on films with his older brother Josh, such as Good Time and Uncut Gems.

He is married to Ava Safdie and has two sons with her.

Who Is Benny Safdie Wife Ava Safdie?

Ava Safdie is famous as the wife of Benny Safdie.

Ava Safdie uses the handle @avafrancis on Instagram, but her account is private. Despite being the wife of a superstar, she prefers to keep her personal details off the internet.

We do know the couple has two children together. Besides it, Ava has kept her information away from the public.

Benny has gathered attention as Claire Denis' romantic thriller The Stars at Noon, the Disney+ miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the film adaptation Are You There God? will all feature Safdie. 

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Benny Safdie Disability & Health Condition Explained

Benny Safdie actually does not have a Disability, and he seems to be in his best health condition.

He played a character with an intellectual disability in previous films, which confused viewers about his genuine disability. He is an actor in good health who is not handicapped in any manner.

In 2017, Safdie began acting in films that were not directed by him or Josh, with a role in Person to Person.

He will appear in Pieces of a Woman in 2020, and Licorice Pizza in 2021, both directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

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Benny Safdie Net Worth Details

Benny Safdie Net Worth is expected to close to 500k USD.

Since their undergraduate days, he and his brother have worked in numerous professions such as actor, writer, director, and editor.

However, the majority of their work to far has been low-budget and has not been blockbuster. The Uncur Gems, starring Adam Sandler, is one of Benny's most critically appreciated films to date.

Despite having an A-list star and excellent reviews, the picture was a flop. The film grossed $50 million against a $19 million budget in its worldwide release.